We make a waterfall in the country with our own hands: step by step instructions

We make a waterfall in the country with our own hands: step by step instructions

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On the site of a country house or summer cottage, corners with waterfalls, ponds and fountains are becoming more and more popular every time. You can add variety to your summer cottage with the help of a self-made waterfall. The noise of flowing water will help you to relax, relax from the bustle of the city.


  • Waterfall device options
  • How to choose a pump for a waterfall
  • The main stages of work
  • Waterfall decor

Waterfall device options

In the landscape, bowls for a waterfall of irregular or slightly curved shape will look harmonious. It is important that the shape is selected taking into account the relief of the site, complements or becomes its continuation. An obligatory requirement is that the waterfall must organically fit into the natural conditions. You can use any materials for the device of the waterfall. Choosing a place for the location of the waterfall, it is best with a slope. If there is no such place at the summer cottage, then you can make an artificial embankment. The place for the embankment should be chosen where the sun will be until 11 am and after lunch. The water on the sleepyhead heats up quickly, which will lead to flowering. If you plan to have fish, then they will not have enough oxygen.

There are several ways to build a waterfall:

  1. Cascade. For a waterfall in the form of a cascade, several steps are needed along which water will flow. Tiers can be made of stones or 2-3 vessels can be arranged in steps. Water will fall through them thanks to the pumping system.
  2. Falling jet. It is the simplest and most affordable option for a waterfall device. The jet falls into the lower bowl from the water circulation system, which is located in a stone pyramid.
  3. Two swimming pools. To create pools, you will need 2 bowls, which will be located at different levels. The pump will supply water from the lower bowl to the upper one, and then the water will flow downward in a stream. Its size and speed depend on the design of the upper bowl.

In all three versions, water is pumped through a pump. The water flows into the pool, and from there it is taken back to the water circulation system.

How to choose a pump for a waterfall

The optimal height of the waterfall is 1-1.5 meters. For such a waterfall, you will need a pump with a capacity of no more than 70 watts. If the cascade being arranged is higher, then the pump should be chosen with a higher power. There are different types of pumps. Some have the function of regulating the flow of the jet. So you can adjust how fast the water will flow. The pump can be submersible or surface. The submersible is installed in the pool itself, and the surface is placed next to the waterfall.

You should choose a pump with a filter, otherwise the water circulation system will quickly break down. In addition to the electric pump, you will need a transformer from which the pump will be "powered". It is placed indoors. Consultants of a specialized store will help you choose a quality pump.

The main stages of work

Having decided on the shape and size of the pool, you can start digging a pit. To begin with, using a peg, you should outline the contour of the pool. Insert the pegs into the ground and stretch the thread along the specified perimeter. The earth after digging will still be needed in the future. As soon as the pit is ready, pour sand 10-12 cm thick onto the bottom and tamp it well. To prevent pool walls from crumbling, they need to be often moistened with water and compacted.

The next step is the installation of waterproofing. PVC film is used as a waterproofing layer. It is an ideal and durable material. Leave about half a meter around the edges. You can also use butyl rubber, concrete. It should be remembered that when using a waterproofing film, the water must be drained for the winter. As the volume of water increases with freezing, this will lead to rupture of the film.

Lay the metal frame of the pool on top of the insulating foil. Then fill the bottom with concrete to strengthen the lower part. After the concrete has set, the walls can be poured after a few days.

When arranging a waterfall in the form of a cascade, a small hole should be provided to drain the water. When buying a ready-made bowl, it should be installed on a sand layer. It is important to use a level to ensure that the bowl sits horizontally. The device of a cascading waterfall involves the use of natural stone slabs. You can take sandstone or granite. If you want the water flow to be flat and smoothly flow down the surface, then it is better to use flat and small stones.

Lay out the bottom of the pool with small stones, and reinforce the sides with larger stones. Cover the distance between them with pebbles. When constructing a cascade, connect adjacent stones with cement mortar. In order for the water to drain and break into streams, it is necessary to make ledges no more than 30 cm high. First, lay the ledge at the bottom of the pool. All benches should be laid out on cement. In order for the water to foam and fly down with noise, the hose must be placed on the upper tier. The gap between the adjoining stones should be small, no ledges need to be made. The pump for supplying water must be installed so that all its elements are invisible. One hose connects to the pumping structure and the other is pulled to the top. At the final stage, the waterfall can be decorated.

Waterfall decor

To give style and design to the waterfall, various materials and tools are used. Decorative tiles, wild stone, sculptures from various materials, etc. are used as decor. To organically fit into the design of the garden, the waterfall is decorated not only with stones, but also with perennial plants. A waterfall can have both aesthetic and practical functions. The high waterfall can be used as an outdoor shower. To prevent weeds from growing around the reservoir, you should lay out fine granite or pebbles. Pool sides made of multi-colored tile mosaics will look spectacular. The design also uses glass stone or ceramic tiles.

The waterfall and pool can be decorated in different styles. For this, various marble, ceramic, glass or wood sculptures are used. Fish, gnomes, mushrooms, snails, etc. are very popular. A natural look can be given with the help of planted vegetation. Plants must tolerate moisture well, therefore ferns, tenacious lilies, daylilies, etc. are mainly used. The cascade can be decorated with dwarf conifers or cereals.

Plants are planted in groups. If the pool is only visible from one side, the plants should be planted on the other. The backlight will look spectacular and unusual. It can be placed on the shore or placed at the bottom of the pool. Glowing lanterns in the form of flowers can be placed on the surface. Underwater lighting can be of different colors. This will give originality and uniqueness. The waterfall, decorated creatively and tastefully, as well as made by hand, will add charm and attractiveness to the cottage or country house, which will amaze not only neighbors, but also guests.

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