The use of poultry manure as fertilizer and its benefits

The use of poultry manure as fertilizer and its benefits

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The most valuable organic fertilizer for gardeners is chicken manure. Unlike other types of fertilizers, droppings are more efficient and environmentally friendly fertilizing. It can be introduced for almost all cultures.


  • The benefits of chicken manure for plants
  • How to collect and store chicken droppings
  • How to properly apply chicken droppings

The benefits of chicken manure for plants

The substances contained in chicken manure are practically not washed out of the soil, accelerate the ripening of fruits and increase productivity. The root system of plants absorbs all the necessary nutrients well. The main nutrients that make up chicken manure:

  • Nitrogen
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Calcium

Chicken droppings activate a vortex in the soil, helping plants to tolerate drought. Plants fed with chicken droppings are less susceptible to fungal and bacterial diseases. In addition, chicken manure improves the composition of the soil, provides nutrition for almost all vegetable and fruit crops. Fertilizer is usually applied once every 2-3 years.

The droppings contain uric acid, which has a suppressive effect on young seedlings. This is the only drawback of fertilization. After some time, uric acid is converted to urea, and then to carbon dioxide. As a result, an increased concentration of nitrates can be observed in vegetables due to the introduction of high doses of such feeding. It is recommended to fertilize crops such as grapes, tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, cabbage, onions and garlic with poultry droppings.

How to collect and where to store chicken droppings

When harvesting this organic fertilizer, you need to know and follow the precautions. It is necessary to collect the droppings with rubber gloves and a work suit, as it contains helminth eggs. Usually, bedding in the form of peat, straw, corn sticks, etc. is used for keeping birds. Obtaining poultry manure on any organic basis is very valuable for farming.

Composting is done to preserve the nutrients in the droppings. Compost is prepared from various manure: raw, liquid, semi-liquid, litter.

To prepare compost, you need to mix the droppings with any component (peat, straw, etc.) and lay them in layers.

When storing manure, superphosphate is added to the fertilizer. This storage method is used in cases where the possibility of composting is not available. You can store the droppings in a closed container in a dried form, and then use it as directed.

The fertilizer does not cake during storage. If you do not have your own chickens, then dry droppings can be purchased at a specialty store. It should be stored in boxes, premixed with loose peat. Small holes need to be made in the boxes. The room in which the fertilizer is stored must be well ventilated. When stored in crates, the fertilizer can be used for several years.

How to properly apply bird droppings

Fertilizer should be applied during autumn digging. Many gardeners perform this procedure in the spring before planting vegetables. The droppings must be embedded in the soil. Liquid litter is used: 1.5 kg of fertilizer will be needed for 10 liters of water. Leave the prepared fertilizer for a few days to ferment. Dilute with water before use.

The concentration of the solution and the watering rate for each plant will be different. Usually 2-3 kg of fertilizer is required per square meter.

When watering, you should be careful that the prepared solution does not get on the leaves of the plant, as this can lead to burns. After the procedure, all the beds that were fertilized with droppings should be watered abundantly with water. This will reduce the concentration of the fertilizer and clear the leaves of possible solution contamination. You should know that you need to apply bird droppings to the area evenly. Failure to follow this rule can lead to the death of the plant.

For each plant, the amount of fertilization applied will be different. Care should be taken when using this organic fertilizer for feeding vegetables and fruit crops. It is undesirable to use fresh droppings, especially under short plants. Due to the high content of uric acid, this can lead to the death of the plant.

Leaf crops are fertilized several months before planting. Fertilizer is applied to loose soil, and then slightly dripped. If berries are fed with droppings, then it is recommended to make it at least 3 months before planting.

The concentration of nitrogen and phosphorus in chicken manure is much higher than in manure. To reduce the concentration of these substances, the droppings should be left outdoors for a while. Infusion based on chicken droppings is best used after watering the beds or rain. Fertilizing under the onions and garlic should be done carefully, especially during the period of intensive growth.

The best time to feed is the beginning of the growing season. When using chicken manure as a fertilizer, it is imperative to observe the norms for the introduction of organic feeding and the rules for growing vegetables and horticultural crops.

Video on applying bird sweat as fertilizer:

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