Planting beets in open ground and the secrets of proper care

Today, beets are used to prepare a wide variety of dishes. Many people believe that planting and growing beets in the open field does not require any special knowledge. But this is a false opinion. To get a great harvest, you need to know certain rules.


  • Land preparation
  • Planting and leaving
  • Planting beet seedlings
  • Which variety of beets to choose for planting?

Land preparation

You need to start preparing the land in the autumn. First, you should remove all the remnants of other plants, fertilize the soil. After that, the earth needs to be dug up. Sometimes the soil can become depleted. In such a situation, she needs mineral fertilizers. If the soil is excessively acidic, then lime should be added to it. It is recommended to plant beets in areas where these vegetables were previously grown:

  • Cucumbers
  • Potato
  • Peas

The future beet bed should be located where there is no shade. Otherwise, the fruits will not get a good saturated shade, as it appears due to the sun's rays. Beets are often planted in the spring. First, you should loosen the soil with a rake. At the same time, dolomite flour is added at will. After the work done, the land is ready for planting beets. But this should be done when the soil has already warmed up to 5 degrees. If you plant in cold soil, the roots will not form, and you do not have to wait for the harvest.

Planting and leaving

There are two ways to plant beets. One of them is the use of seeds. They need to be soaked first, this will lead to the emergence of seedlings much faster. For this procedure, a growth stimulant solution is used. The seeds are soaked in it for a day. You can also use regular ash. After the elapsed time, the seeds are washed with warm water and placed in a cloth, it must be dry. The seeds should not be located in a place where the air temperature is too low.

Otherwise, the arrow will not develop, and there will be no harvest. Before planting, water the soil to keep it moist. Initially, lines are drawn, the depth of which is 4 centimeters. There should be about 20 centimeters between them.

You should get grooves into which water is poured. You should wait a while for it to be absorbed, only after that you can plant the beets. The seeds of this vegetable are large, so they can be safely placed in the ground one by one. Some people worry that seedlings will not appear, so they put several of these seeds at once. But you should know that more than one plant will grow from one such seed. When shoots appear, they will need to be thinned in any case. For this reason, it is advisable to think about it in advance and plant seeds less often. Those shoots that have been removed can also be planted. They will bring the harvest in the future. The beet planting pattern resembles a lattice.

The seeds are placed 3-4 centimeters deep. After that, they are sprinkled with soil. Sowing time should be chosen correctly. The soil must still retain moisture after the snow has disappeared. Planting is often carried out in early May. But sometimes spring can be late. In this case, you need to land a little later. After the seeds have been planted, you need to weed the soil and loosen it. When sprouts appear and begin to develop, the soil should be fed. For this, organic fertilizers are initially applied, and then mineral fertilizers. But do not overdo it with feeding.

Planting beet seedlings

You can also plant beets using seedlings. This method is ideal for those who do not wish to further thin out. It is also better to lean towards this method for those people who did not understand the method of planting by seeds. In this case, you need to start growing seedlings in a greenhouse. Initially, grooves should be made, the distance between which should be about 5 cm. Seeds are placed in them, between which there should be 3 cm. You need to start preparing seedlings a month before the planned planting in open ground.

After a while, shoots will appear. When 4 leaves grow on them, then the seedlings are ready to move to a permanent place. But first, hardening of the sprouts should be carried out. For this, the greenhouse is ventilated. The soil where the seedlings are located must be well watered.

Only then can you engage in planting in the ground. The sprout should be placed in an earthen solution and then planted as planned. Beets are not planted only in spring. This procedure is also carried out in the second half of autumn. This is done in order to get an early harvest. Already in July, you can enjoy fresh beets.

Which variety of beets to choose for planting?

For planting beets, you can choose any type:

  • Dining room
  • Stern
  • Sugar

Each person can choose a suitable variety. It depends on the purpose of the beet. Many people keep livestock in their dachas. This may require fodder beets. She needs a well-prepared soil, in which mineral fertilizers are applied. Seeds of this type should initially be pickled. A stimulant solution is used if desired. But many gardeners plant seeds without preparation. It should be remembered that such beets grow large. For this reason, there should be more than half a meter between the grooves, and 25 cm between the shoots.

If the beets are planted for further use as food, then a table variety will do. The main thing is to provide him with good lighting. Otherwise, you get a bad harvest. Therefore, a place where there are no trees is chosen for planting. You can also plant sugar beets. But it needs the correct soil structure, systematic fertilization, and proper care. Not all people like this variety. Its further development, future harvest depends on the correct planting of beets.

Video on how to properly grow beets:

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