Propagation of currants by cuttings

Propagation of currants by cuttings

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Currants are one of the healthiest berries. Every gardener tries to have this berry on his site.

Cuttings are harvested in early autumn, and currant propagation by cuttings is carried out in the second half of September or in spring, in March, April.

For cuttings, take annual basal shoots or annual growths. Cuttings up to 20 cm long are prepared from them. The upper part of the shoot is not used. Each cutting should have 5-6 buds. The upper cut must be made oblique above the kidney, the lower one - also oblique, but under the kidney. It is advisable to use a garden knife to cut the shoots so that the cuts are even and smooth. Before planting, cuttings should be kept in water or a cool place.

The cuttings are planted in prepared moist and loose soil at an angle of 45 degrees. Above the ground, you need to leave 2 buds, and the lower one should be at the level of the soil. By autumn, annual seedlings with several shoots grow from the cuttings. They can already be transplanted to a permanent place. In order to obtain biennial seedlings, you need to cut off annual shoots next spring, leaving 2-4 buds on each.

Reproduction of currants by cuttings is simple, convenient and effective!

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