Fruit flies: how to deal with fruit flies in an apartment

Fruit flies: how to deal with fruit flies in an apartment

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Very often in the summer, it is worth leaving a piece of watermelon on the table, putting homemade kvass, as instantly the whole kitchen is filled with small and seemingly harmless small midges.

However, in a matter of days, their number grows several times. In a short period, they can spoil kvass, uncovered jam, and any fruits or vegetables.

In addition, these ubiquitous insects can settle on houseplants. Sometimes it seems that they appear out of nowhere.

In the summer, the windows are open in the dwellings, and in the winter? To understand how to deal with fruit flies, one must try to figure out who they are, how they reproduce, what they eat.


  • Drosophila, who are they?
  • How to get rid of fruit flies quickly
  • Drosophila traps

Drosophila, who are they?

Invisible in nature, but unpleasant in a human dwelling, small flies of Drosophila are a very large family.

Most of the species living in nature settle in humid places, many prefer areas with a warm climate, where various fruits ripen in abundance.

However, eight species of fruit flies are ubiquitous and are called cosmopolitans.

These species include the black-bellied fruit fly, or the milanogaster fruit fly. In addition, this species is synanthropic, it lives and develops next to humans.

The second name of the black-bellied fruit fly is a fruit or wine fly. Consequently, she lives where there are many rotten and fermented fruits. First of all, these are storage facilities in which the harvested fruits are stored.

Some of them are damaged, they start to rot very quickly. It is the rotting fruit that attracts the female insect. This is due to the fact that the laid-off larvae will feed on spoiled fruits.

It is worth saying that the full cycle of insect development is 10 days. The warmer the air, the faster the transformation from egg to adult insect takes place. At temperatures below 18 degrees, the development cycle stretches for 20 days.

In order to lay three to four hundred eggs, the female needs to mate with the male once. The egg is only half a millimeter in size and cannot be seen with the human eye.

It is here that the mystery lies where the flies come from in the apartment. If there are several eggs on fruits and vegetables that are brought into the house from the store or from the market, then new individuals will instantly appear from them.

If at this moment there is any nutrient medium in the apartment, then the flies will begin to multiply instantly. After all, Drosophila chooses a soft, moist substrate with rotting parts of plants as a place for laying, but she is especially attracted by rooms where fruits are stored or processed.

A day later, a larva emerges from the egg laid by the female, which actively feeds on fruit tissues and microorganisms living in rotting fruits, grows rapidly and after five days turns into a pupa, and after another five days an imago emerges from the pupa.

In less than 12 hours, the fruit fly will mate with the male and lay new eggs. To stop the non-stop reproduction of fruit flies, you need to take several mandatory steps.

How to get rid of fruit flies quickly

The first and most important action is to instantly remove from public access:

  • vegetables
  • fruit
  • sweet drinks
  • yeast products
  • candy
  • lactic acid foods

The apartment should not contain anything sweet, sour, fruit or other plant products. Onions, potatoes, a jar of jam, a dirty trash can - all of these can be habitats and breeding grounds for fruit flies.

After the power source is located and removed, you can use any chemical agent against flying insects and treat the apartment with the windows closed, and then ventilate everything.

If you completely remove fruits or vegetables from the apartment, there is no possibility, for example, some part of the harvested crop is stored in it or compote and jam are actively preserved for the winter, then several methods can be applied that will significantly reduce the number of insects.

In the apartment, you can hang ready-made sticky traps, several dozen or even hundreds of insects will instantly stick to them. You can make traps from auxiliary materials yourself.

Drosophila traps

If in the evening there are watermelon crusts, and it is during this period of mass ripening of melons that there is an invasion of flies, put them in a tall whole bag.

In the morning, when most of the insects are inside, try to quickly tie the bag and immediately take it out of the house, at the same time grabbing the trash can. Treat the individuals who have managed to fly out with any aerosol from flying insects.

Another way is to trap in a glass jar or plastic bottle. If you pour kvass or fruit juice there, it will attract insects inside.

Make a funnel out of paper and insert into the neck. Flies will easily penetrate through the wide end, but they will not be easy to get out. After a few hours, close the trap and discard.

If the soil in flower pots is too wet and there is a lot of plant debris, then Drosophila can choose them as their place of residence.

Remove all plant residues from the pots, dry the ground, ventilate the room, use the people's advice and stick a few matches into the ground with their heads down.

If such measures do not help, then you should try to replace the soil with a sterile one, and spray the plant with soapy water.

In conclusion, it should be said that the annoying and unpleasant fruit fly has been serving science for many years, with its help numerous studies in the field of genetics are being conducted and important discoveries for human health are being made.

How to get rid of fruit flies easily at home:

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