Garden Berries

Garden Berries

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Berries in the garden

During the winter gray there are very few plants that brighten the garden with their flowers; if we wish to have a garden that is still cheerful and decorated even during the cold months, we can consider planting some plants that produce colored elements, so as to see a little joy even when the plants are gray and without foliage.
The plants that produce winter berries are many, some are widespread in Italy even in nature; not all types of berries remain on the plants for a long time, but some remain there until spring, creating food for the birds during the cold months, so they will gladly attend our garden.

What colour?

The most widespread berry plants in the garden produce bright red or orange fruits; the bright color stands out clearly on the foliage of the evergreens or among the bare branches, giving a lively note even during the most rigid winter.
Among the most known plants surely holly and butcher's broom are the masters, so widespread as to have become protagonists of the Christmas wreaths, given that their inflorescences are available on the plants throughout the winter, together with the evergreen, leathery and glossy foliage.
Among the other red or orange berry plants we remember the rowan, which however is often eaten by the greedy birds, and therefore its berries do not last on the plant for excessively long periods of time; piracantha and cotoneaster instead produce small, showy elements, even more decorative if you think that these plants are generally used as hedges. Even the hawthorn produces red berries, which were once used for food.
Of most of these red berry plants in the nursery we can also find yellow, pink or white berry hybrids.
However, there are plants with types of berries of particular color, such as the sinforicarp, with showy elements of bright pink or pure white; another very decorative plant is the callicarpa, a deciduous shrub that produces persistent berries in bunches, of an intense purple color, which stand out very much among the gray branches.

How to grow berry plants

The plants we have mentioned before are all rustic and can be safely grown in the garden; however, if we want better to enjoy very numerous berries, it is good to follow some tricks.
First of all, some shrubs are dioecious, that is, they produce berries only on female plants: when we go to the nursery to buy one let us ensure that the nursery worker is a female specimen; or even better, we only buy the specimens that already present this type of element.
Often fruit plants in general enjoy the presence of other plants of the same neighboring species; so if we have some space instead of buying a single shrub let's put at least 3-4 of it, so that they tend to pollinate each other, producing a greater quantity of berries for our winter.

Garden Berries: Tips for Berry Plants

We remind then to place our shrubs in a very sunny place, watering them and fertilizing them correctly, so as to favor an abundant flowering.
Then, if we want to keep a good quantity of elements on the plant, remember not to prune these shrubs too deeply after pruning, otherwise together with leaves and branches we will also remove the part of the future berries, of which we cannot therefore enjoy.
For example, even some roses produce very beautiful and decorative berries, but it often happens to prepare roses for the winter by pruning them, or in any case often withered flowers are removed, without being able to enjoy red or orange fruits, very pleasing to the eye.


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