Sawdust as fertilizer: are they effective?

Sawdust as fertilizer: are they effective?

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Wood itself is not a fertilizer, since it contains 1-2% nitrogen, hemicellulose, cellulose, lingin. They become so only after 5-10 years.

Do not add new clean sawdust to the soil to fertilize it. This is the most common mistake a gardener can make. Medium and small sawdust, when applied to the ground, very impoverished it.

If you add sawdust to the soil in the fall, then by the spring they remain in the same form, only get wet, since they have preservatives - phenolic resins.

At the same time, the resulting humus loosens the soil better, because of this it becomes breathable, absorbs moisture better. This composition contains more nutrients. That is, an optimal environment for flowers and vegetables is obtained. The top layer of the earth has almost no dense crust, that is, it can be loosened much less often. But sawdust has a significant drawback - they make the soil acidic, so you need to add lime to them.


  • Mulching with fine wood shavings
  • Composting sawdust
  • Application of sawdust on closed ground

Mulching with fine wood shavings

This method is used to prevent weeds from growing and water to evaporate strongly from the ground. And to improve the soil structure.

The potatoes are mulched with sawdust, after hilling, applying sawdust to the furrows. Wood shavings retain moisture in the aisles, the ground does not overheat.

Cucumbers are often grown using small wood chips. Coniferous shavings are used both for fertilizing the soil in the form of compost and as biofuel. The compost is placed in the base of the bed and then carefully spilled with slurry. After that, soil is poured onto the bed. The shavings that come together with the manure warm the garden perfectly.

In addition, wood chips are used to protect cucumbers from parasites. It is necessary to sprinkle each bush of cucumbers in a circle, notice it to water. After that, the pests do not appear on the plants.

Wood shavings help keep raspberry roots from drying out, which increases their yield and improves flavor. With this method, raspberries can not be transplanted for 10 years, due to the fact that their roots do not dry.

Almost all plants can be mulched with wood shavings, remembering to apply nitrogen fertilizers, since sawdust strongly draws nutrients from the ground.

Composting sawdust

If you add sawdust to compost, then they become humus much faster. And such compost matures faster due to the fact that sawdust creates and maintains a higher temperature in the compost heap.

1 composting method:

  • 10 l of plant ash
  • 200 kg of fine wood chips
  • 2.5 kg urea
  • 50 l of clean water
  • 100 kg of household waste - peeling potatoes, carrots, etc., leaves, herbs

2 composting method:

  • 50 kg cow dung
  • a drop of humate per 100 l of pure water
  • 200 kg of oak sawdust-shavings
  • 100 freshly cut grass
  • 30 kg of faeces and food waste

Method 3: fertilization with fresh wood shavings is possible, but it must be enriched with mineral fertilizers or the shavings will absorb all useful substances from the soil.


  • 30 g granular superphosphate
  • 1 bucket of sawdust of any tree species, except conifers
  • 10 g calcium chloride
  • 40 g ammonium nitrate
  • 120 g of slaked lime, that is, lime mixed with water
  • This compost is applied in 3 buckets per 1 sq. meter

When creating compost, you need to mix it once every 6 months, due to the fact that the top layer can form a very dense crust that does not allow moisture to pass through. By mixing the compost, you can greatly shorten the process of creating humus.

Application of sawdust on closed ground

It will be optimal to mix sawdust with organic residues or manure. Then such a soil warms up perfectly at the beginning of the season, earthworms begin to multiply intensively in it, overheating is accelerated. It must be remembered that rotted shavings are added to rotted manure, and new sawdust is added to fresh manure, since wood shavings take nitrogen from the soil.

Sawdust can be added to greenhouse beds in winter and autumn. It is best to combine sawdust with the rest of the compost. The best would be to add sawdust to the ready-made humus, which has remained from the fall, adding a little manure and slaked lime to the sawdust.

It must be remembered that wood shavings and manure, which are added in the spring, must be fresh. The composition is covered with straw or leaves, then soil is poured on top, which is mixed with ash and fertilizers.

Sawdust is an excellent addition to compost, it retains moisture in the soil, this soil is looser. The sawdust makes the compost more durable. In addition, mulching with sawdust protects plants from weeds and pests. Also, wood shavings are added to greenhouses when the plants really need additional heat.

Correct mulching of strawberries with sawdust in the video:

Watch the video: Making Compost in 30 Days Using Pallet Wood Bins (July 2022).


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