Understanding how to plant and grow pineapple

Understanding how to plant and grow pineapple

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Many people mistakenly believe that this fruit of the bromeliad family is very difficult to grow at home. And if you create all the conditions for growth, then after a couple of years you can even get fruits.

Pineapple is a perennial plant and can be propagated using seeds or using the top. Since pineapples of hybrid varieties are sold in our country, without seeds, it remains to use a tuft and here it is important to remember some subtleties.


  • How to choose a pineapple for planting
  • Preparing the fruit for planting
  • Pineapple planting rules
  • The beginning of growth and care in the first months

How to choose a pineapple for planting

It is best to carry out this operation in early fall or late summer, and be sure to choose pineapple from a good supermarket or market. The fruit does not tolerate cold and therefore should not be frostbitten, as it then loses the ability to reproduce. Intense heat can also have a negative effect.

It is necessary to find the freshest plant and preferably only brought. First of all, you should inspect the top. It should be green and fresh. Flabby and dry leaves will not work.

It is important to pay attention to the center, which should not be damaged, cut or stained.

Pineapple can be neither overripe nor unripe, otherwise nothing can be grown. The fruit should be golden in color.

Correctly chosen planting material is the main path to success, since the care and cultivation itself does not cause much difficulty. But before planting pineapple, you need to prepare.

Preparing the fruit for planting

It is best to buy two or three fruits, and here you need to choose a method for processing the top.

  1. When unscrewing the top, it must be taken in one hand, and the fruit in the other and scrolled in opposite directions. In this case, you must not touch the leaves. The top should have a small stem and the rudiments of the roots can be seen.
  2. It is best to trim. You will need a sharp and large knife. The distance from the leaves is about three to five centimeters and the lower leaves must be removed, and the pulp must be cut off, otherwise the stem will rot.
  3. The cut site is immediately processed using a weak solution of potassium permanganate or furacilin.
  4. Then sprinkle everything with chopped charcoal. Activated charcoal tablets are also used.

At the next stage, the top is dried. It must be turned over so that the leaves are at the bottom. Then, with the help of a rope, it must be suspended and not disturbed for 15-20 days.

During this time, drying will occur and only then you can think about planting. While the preparation procedure is underway, you can prepare a container where the pineapple will be planted.

Pineapple planting rules

It is best to use a small pot with a volume of up to 0.6 liters. Pebbles or expanded clay should be laid at the bottom, which will perform the function of drainage. The prepared mixture consists of earth, as well as peat, humus and sand. Equal proportions are usually taken. The main thing is that the soil is loose. In specialized stores, you can buy ready-made soil for pineapples, but in this case it is better to pour it with a hot solution of potassium permanganate and let it stand for a couple of days.

A small hole is made in the center, which must be sprinkled with activated carbon or fine ash. It should be no more than two to three centimeters.

When the top is lowered there, it is necessary not only to fill it well, but also to strengthen it with several sticks so that no displacement occurs. They are installed along the edges. The earth needs only to be slightly moistened, since pineapple does not like a lot of moisture, but it can withstand high temperatures perfectly.

Greenhouse conditions are created for the fastest growth. In this case, an ordinary plastic bag, which is put on top, helps well. The place where the pot will stand should be light and warm, since the temperature should not drop below 25 degrees. The main task is to protect the plant from drafts.

Usually the tip takes root within one month, but it may take two. As soon as new leaves appear, the polyethylene can be removed and then all that remains is to properly care for the pineapple.

The beginning of growth and care in the first months

This plant is quite unpretentious and does not have any special requirements. Watering is carried out quite rarely, but the water should be warm. However, it is not worth the temperature to exceed thirty degrees.

Under natural conditions, pineapple is well adapted to drought and is able to accumulate water when it rains. This rule should be followed when growing at home. Watering is necessary when the earth is completely dry. You can moisten not only the ground, but also the leaves and at the same time add a little lemon juice to the water.

When the pineapple grows noticeably, it makes sense to transplant it into a large container. The plant will become adult in four years, but the pot should not be more than three to four liters.

It is important to monitor the temperature all the time, since pineapple at temperatures below twenty degrees can simply die. Daylight hours should be at least twelve hours.

Fertilizing with mineral fertilizers is carried out once or twice a month and you can use combined options for flowers, but not alkaline fertilizers. There are several ways to help speed up flowering. They are simple enough, but powerful.

Today everyone can afford planting and growing pineapple. This unpretentious plant will be able to pamper its owner with fresh fruit in 2.5-3 years. The pulp can be eaten, but the fresh top can be used for planting.

Also, shoots are used for reproduction, which can be seen at the base of the stem. The fruits themselves have different weights and it can range from three hundred grams to a kilogram.

Video instruction for rooting pineapple at home:

Watch the video: How to grow Pineapple (July 2022).


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