Read How To Save Apples For The Winter

Read How To Save Apples For The Winter

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Apples have one peculiarity, unlike other fruits and vegetables. Can apples be stored along with potatoes and other vegetables? The answer is simple: "This cannot be done."


  • Correct harvest
  • Terms of laying fruits for storage
  • Storing apples in boxes and other ways

Correct harvest

You need to start the very stage of removing apples from trees, being fully prepared. The long-term storage of apples for the winter is affected by the correct removal of the fruit from the tree. Each apple is taken by hand or a special device very carefully, without pulling it with your hands.

Having grabbed the fruit, it is rotated in one direction, at the same time pulling it down. Further, it can be easily removed from the tree. For long-term storage, each apple must be plucked with a whole stalk. Excessive movements relative to the fruit should not be performed: do not wipe or squeeze the fruit (the wax coating does not allow fungi and diseases to pass through).

Fruit neatly, without throwing to lie down in a bucket. If the collection of fruits takes place in a basket or ribbed dishes with irregularities, then it is worth wrapping all the irregularities in burlap or a soft cloth. It is important with the help of a fruit picker, which is very undesirable, not to damage the apple skin. During storage, the damaged skin will miss various diseases, and the fruit will rot.

Qualifying round

After the apples are picked and in containers, they should be immediately cooled. For several weeks (2-3) put in a cool, ventilated place:

  • Under the canopy
  • To the veranda

This period can be designated as a quarantine period. This procedure is necessary for the apples to show themselves:

  • Bedsores appear
  • Some rot
  • Black dots appear
  • Any flaws

Such apples are rejected and only the best ones are kept.

Terms of laying fruits for storage

Laying apples for winter storage is a special ceremony for many, which begins at the end of September and at the beginning of October. In this autumn period, removable maturity begins for these fruits. The main thing is to start harvesting fruits at the right time, since an apple that has overripe for several days, although it will be tastier, will lose its properties for long-term storage.

If an apple is picked in the first days of autumn, then it will not pass the final ripening, will not have time to become sugary, and will not reach the maximum taste. For storage, apples of late and late winter varieties are harvested, so by their structure they are capable of retaining juiciness and freshness when properly stored.

The following observation will help to determine the harvest day: the next morning after a calm and calm night, if 6-8 good ripe apples are found near the tree without visible damage and diseases, then it is time for removable ripeness.

Storing apples in boxes and other ways

Apples should be stored separately in storerooms or cellars. Only with such storage will they last longer, retaining their freshness and useful properties in winter. Potatoes, in turn, also harm the apple: it picks up an unpleasant smell of starch, which is infinitely rich in potatoes. The optimum storage temperature for apples for the winter is about 0 degrees with a humidity of 85 to 95%.

There are many suggestions and options for how to store apples. Let's consider a few of them.

For the first method of storing apples in a cardboard box, you will need:

  • Box
  • Sand
  • Ash
  • Scotch

In order to prevent air from getting into the box during its transportation, all its cracks must be carefully glued with tape. The sand must be washed and dried well. At the bottom of the box, a mixture of ash and sand is laid out in equal quantities 3 cm thick - this is the optimal pillow for storing apples. Next, apples are laid out on the prepared bottom of the box in layers so that they do not touch each other. Each layer of fruit is again sprinkled on top with a mixture of sand and ash.

Another way of storage is lying around a layer of sawdust in a cardboard box. It is not worth buying sawdust at a pet store, since they are soaked in chemicals there. Sawdust must be used clean, for example, taken from a sawmill. Pour sawdust into the box above half of the container, and carefully immerse the apples there.

Put dry autumn leaves on the bottom of the cardboard box. Rinse and dry the leaves from dirt and dust. The apples are gently dipped onto the leaves, avoiding contact. Each layer of fruit is sprinkled with leaves and sent to a cool place.

There are many more ways to save apples for the winter. Hay is one of these methods. But, since practice shows that blocks from hay have an unpleasant smell, this method should not be paid attention to. A simple and time-consuming method is paper wrapping. Each apple should be wrapped with a simple piece of paper (for example, newspapers, but not a glossy magazine).

The apple is laid down on a piece of paper with the spine down and wrapped completely and completely. Then the apple turns upside down (as it grew) and lies in the box in rows. The work is long and boring, so you can turn on music to get in the mood and prepare vitamins for the winter.

This method perfectly stores apples, but the main thing is to monitor the temperature regime. At temperatures from -1 to +1, this storage method does not allow the fruits to dry out, there is good oxygen access, and apples are stored until mid-June.

How to keep apples? Watch the video and find out:

Watch the video: Apple storage with controlled atmosphere (July 2022).


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