Dahlias: a catalog of varieties and subtleties of care

Dahlias: a catalog of varieties and subtleties of care

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Dahlias are a very beautiful flower that attracts attention with their uniqueness and sophistication. You can give them both for a birthday and for a wedding. They give the table a certain zest.

There are many varieties of this plant, each of which is distinguished by its unique beauty and variety.


  • Dahlias: variety catalog
  • How to plant and care for flowers

Dahlias: variety catalog

Dahlias belong to the Asteraceae family. It is a perennial plant that can be of various heights, usually from 25 cm to one and a half meters. Its flowers reach about 5-15 cm in diameter. Their petals are very unusual. There are even varieties in which the petals have a mysterious tubular shape.

Dahlias are usually divided into 10 groups, depending on the structure and shape of the inflorescence, terry, as well as the shape of the petals. But this classification is scientific in nature. If we talk about sorting, which is used mainly in flower catalogs, then dahlias are usually divided into several groups.

Decorative. The petals of all types that belong to decorative dahlias are wide, wavy, straight and curved. Usually, their height varies from 25 to 100 cm.But the main part still does not grow more than 50-60 cm.This type includes varieties:

  1. Funny boys. The most popular of all dahlias. It differs in that many flowers can be collected in one bud.
  2. Zingaro. These are tricolor dahlias, which usually range in size from 50 to 60 cm in height.
  3. Ecstasy. These flowers have an unusual color that is sometimes difficult to describe. But the phrase "salmon with yellow" is often used.
  4. Golden domes.
  5. Arabian night.
  6. Duet.
  7. White Perfection. This species has huge white flowers.

Nymphaean. These dahlias are distinguished into a separate group, since their flowers are very similar to the inflorescence of a water lily, which is also called a nymphea. Usually these varieties include Gerry Hawk, Nymph, Diadem, Jeannette.

Cactus. The name speaks for itself. The flower petals are very similar to the cactus, they are rolled into a tube or simply twisted, and have needle-like ends. If you touch the flower, you can even feel a slight tingling sensation. This species also includes chrysanthemum dahlias. They are so similar to chrysanthemums that one can even confuse them with them.

If we talk about varieties, then usually Angara, Illusion, Preference, Yellow Star and others are represented in this group.

Spherical. The buds of these flowers are very dense, double. These include the varieties Aida, Mary Glen, Glow.

Pompom. The inflorescences of these varieties are usually in the form of a ball, but when compared with the previous species, their diameter is much smaller, about 6 cm. Varieties: Gretchen, Kochelsee.

The variety of dahlias will provide a choice for everyone, anyone can find for themselves exactly the variety that they like. Bright or, conversely, delicate colors, multi-colored petals, stuffed buds - all these are dahlias that will give any holiday a certain zest and originality.

How to plant and care for flowers

Not everyone buys dahlias just for some kind of celebration. There are amateurs who are engaged in their cultivation. And this process is not so simple. First of all, it is worth noting that dahlia is a rather thermophilic plant, which is why only annual varieties are grown in Russia, since even a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius can be destructive for them.

If you decide to plant dahlias, then it is best to use seeds or tubers (if you can find them in the store). It is worth planting flowers only in the light, where there will be no shade of trees.

As for the soil, it must be very well fertilized, as these flowers require a lot of nutrients to grow well. That is why, the place where the dahlias are supposed to be planted should be prepared in the fall.

If it was a pleasant decision to purchase flower seeds, then they must first be planted at home to give them a little germination. The optimum temperature in this case should be at least 23 degrees. After the ground has warmed up and the air temperature has risen to an acceptable value, they can be planted on the ground.

Of course, dahlias can be planted much earlier, for example, when the first potatoes are planted. But in this case, it is recommended to cover each seedling with a box or a cut plastic bottle so that frost or low temperatures do not harm the plant.

You need to take care of flowers very carefully. It is recommended to weed constantly, since there should be no weeds near them, which will take away nutrients from them.

It is worth watering them daily, except for those days when the rain has passed. In addition, it is recommended to spray the leaves.

Dahlias are represented by a huge variety of varieties, among which everyone can find the one that they like. There are many catalogs that clearly describe the features of each flower, possible colors, etc. Therefore, for someone who has decided to start growing flowers, a catalog with dahlias will be a good helper in this matter!

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