Turkish tobacco: features and applications

Turkish tobacco: features and applications

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Tobacco is grown in many countries of the world. For example, the most famous of all tobaccos is Turkish.


  • Growing tobacco
  • The difference between Turkish tobacco and other varieties
  • The use of Turkish tobacco

Growing tobacco

Turkish tobacco was originally grown only in some countries such as Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria and Macedonia. It differs from all other types of tobacco in that its leaves are medium-sized, which must be dried only under the influence of sunlight.

Today Turkish tobacco is grown in other countries, for example, you can find it in Africa and even in Russia (from private entrepreneurs).

Tobacco is an annual plant that never grows on its own and must be planted. In order to plant tobacco, you need to germinate a little seed. Thanks to this, the plant will be healthy. In addition, before planting it on the plantation, it is necessary to keep it in a greenhouse for forty-five days. Typically, a single plant can grow to about one to two meters in height.

Turkish tobacco is an elongated stem, on which there are many small leaves, which can be of various shapes. After the tobacco has bloomed and the flowers have fallen, the fruits appear - small boxes, which contain many seeds that are necessary in the future to grow a new crop.

When growing seedlings, you should not fertilize the soil very much, since if there is an excess of nitrogen, it will become very strong and will lose its unusualness. When properly cultivated, the tobacco will be of medium strength with an unusual aroma.

As mentioned above, tobacco is not a wild plant, it is quite whimsical and requires good care and attitude, which is why in many countries there are special people who are directly involved in the cultivation of tobacco.

The difference between Turkish tobacco and other varieties

At its core, there are no significant differences between Turkish tobacco and other varieties. Most varieties of tobacco are named according to their territorial origin, and some differ from others in just the way they are cut and dried.

But the main difference between Turkish tobacco and others is that it dries only under the influence of sunlight, and also has a spicy taste and sweet aroma. In addition, the color of the dried leaves has an unusual color - from greenish yellow to golden brown, which makes it a little special.

Most of all, this type of tobacco is used for the preparation of English tobacco blends, as it occupies one of the first places in its sweetness of taste.

The use of Turkish tobacco

Of course, most of all he found his application in the preparation of tobacco mixtures, as well as for smoking in a hookah. It is widely used in industry, especially in England.

In addition to smoking, tobacco can be used for medicinal purposes, as it became clear from the research carried out by scientists that it has antihelminthic and analgesic properties.

Tobacco can be used:

  • For the treatment of wounds that do not heal for a long enough period of time
  • For the treatment of certain eye diseases
  • For some skin diseases
  • With diseases of the nervous system
  • If you have problems with the cardiovascular system
  • With tuberculosis of the lymph nodes

Of course, not everyone knows about the beneficial properties of Turkish tobacco. But in folk medicine, there are many recipes that help alleviate the condition with a certain ailment:

  1. Broth for dermatitis. To do this, you need to take two tablespoons of tobacco (preferably well crushed), pour 400 ml of water. All this must be put on fire, for about 20 minutes. After the broth has cooled, strain it. With this broth, you can make lotions, compresses, and also just use it for rinsing.
  2. From head lice (lice). The same broth is made as in the recipe above. Only with this broth it is necessary to wash your hair.
  3. During a runny nose. Tobacco powder is very helpful in relieving nasal congestion. At the moment when the nose begins to block, it is necessary to breathe tobacco.
  4. Foot ointment. You need to take 500 grams of tobacco leaves, grind them into powder, then add 500 grams of honey there. Stir the resulting mixture. Before going to bed (at night), you need to lubricate your feet. This must be done within twelve days.

Turkish tobacco is distinguished by its unusual aroma and also by its small leaves. At the beginning of the 20th century, and then in the 90s of this century, this tobacco was very difficult to get. But today, despite the fact that most of it is grown in Turkey, Greece and Macedonia, it is quite possible to buy it on the domestic market.

Since tobacco is mainly used for smoking, it is worth remembering that excessive use of it will not bring any health benefits!

Video about picking tobacco seedlings:

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