Alyssum flowers - a fragrant rainbow in your garden

Alyssum flowers - a fragrant rainbow in your garden

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Alyssum or beetroot, a widespread plant of the cabbage (cruciferous) genus. Unpretentiousness, variety of colors, wonderful aroma - all this refers to this plant.


  • Botanical description
  • Alyssum annual
  • Alyssum perennial

Botanical description

Herbaceous, annual or perennial plant. There are also semi-shrub species. It is ubiquitous in Eurpe, Asia, North Africa. Small flowers, yellow, white, purple, are collected in panicles. After flowering, pods with very small seeds remain. A wonderful honey plant. In the selection of garden varieties, wild species of alyssum were actively used:

  • alyssum curved
  • alissum mountain
  • alyssum obovate
  • alyssum desert
  • alissum rocky

Due to its unpretentiousness and long flowering period, it is very popular with flower growers all over the world. It is also used in folk medicine In Altai, decoctions of beetroot are used for inguinal hernias, kidney stones. Many peoples have a recognized anti-cold remedy. As well as a diuretic and laxative. In cosmetology, it is used to lighten freckles and age spots.

Alyssum annual

In horticulture, you can find this plant called stonemason or beetroot. Grow annual and perennial forms. Ideal as a curb and groundcover. A pleasant aroma makes it indispensable when decorating the local area, in parks and squares. Looks good in pots and pots on balconies, loggias, verandas. Due to its long flowering, it is widely used in rock gardens.

In gardens, annuals are represented by the following forms:

  • Alyssum Bentama
  • Alyssum variegated
  • Alyssum compact
  • Alyssum prostrate

Many varieties and hybrids have been obtained from the original forms, which are easy to grow from seeds.

Seeds of alyssum annual are sown in pre-prepared light soil in a well-lit place. Sowing times are from mid-April. In a climate where the soil does not thaw by this time, it is better to sow seeds in the fall or pre-grow seedlings.

To achieve early flowering, it is important not to be late with seedlings and sow the seeds of alyssum no later than the first days of March. Since the seeds are very small, sowing is done slowly, as if "salting" the earth, compact, pressing it with your palms to the ground. Do not cover the seeds with soil on top.

Try to plant not thickly, as thickened shoots grow poorly and are more likely to get sick. The first shoots may appear on the fifth day. As the planting grows, it is necessary to thin out, the optimal spacing between flowers is at least 10 cm.If you sowed the seeds in mid-April, then the first flowering can be seen in 60 days - in mid-June. When planted before winter or seedlings, alyssum will bloom 10-14 days earlier.

Plant seedlings in open ground in mid-May, at a distance of 20 cm - 40 cm. So that in a dry summer flowering does not stop earlier, moderate regular watering is required. The first bloom ends in July. Then make the obligatory pruning of the shoots in order to stimulate re-flowering.

Forget-me-nots, muscari, tulips will become good neighbors, they will perfectly complement the flowering annual alyssums. Thanks to which the flower bed does not lose its decorative effect from early spring to late autumn.

Alyssum perennial

Perennial alyssums are distinguished by a variety of forms: from dwarfs to giants, from herbaceous forms 8 cm in height to half-lignified shrubs with stems 80 cm. Frost resistance, undemanding and decorative qualities were transferred to garden forms by the original species:

  • Alyssum Gmelin (mountain) - undersized bushes from 10 cm in height, on which the first light yellow flowers appear already in April
  • Alyssum marine is perennial, but in Russia it is grown as an annual plant, a rosette bush, up to 40 cm in height, white, purple flowers. Flowering begins in early summer and blooms until frost
  • Alyssum Pyrenees - bushes up to 20 cm high, with silvery pubescent leaves, blooms from June to August
  • Alyssum creeping - bushes up to 60 cm in height, basal leaves are oval and collected in a rosette, stem leaves are narrow, elongated. Flowering time - May, yellow flowers.
  • Alyssum silvery - the tallest, up to 80 cm, lemon-colored flowers, flowering in May - July.
  • Alyssum rocky - almost spherical bushes, blooms in April, golden flowers.
  • Currently, the following mixtures and hybrids are very popular:
  • Procumbes - dwarf variety, no higher than 8 cm, spreads in a solid carpet
  • Oriental Night- undersized variety, up to 10 cm, with dark purple flowers
  • Paletta is a low-growing variety, up to 10 cm, flowers: white, pink, red, crimson, lilac are found on the same bush.
  • Plenum - has a long flowering, yellow flowers, double

Creeping junipers or compact spherical thuja will become good neighbors for the long-term alissum "Golden Wave", "Snow Carpet", they will also complement rose gardens.

Large-flowered forms are used in cutting, for making bouquets.

Perennial alissums can be propagated both by seeds and vegetatively. The best time to divide the bush is from May to June. Plant large forms at a distance of at least 40 cm. To extend the period of active flowering, it is necessary to trim the shoots up to eight centimeters after the first flowering.

Perennial alissums hibernate well, without additional shelter, but it should be remembered that pruning is carried out either immediately after flowering or in spring.

Annual and perennial alissums are quite resistant to all sorts of diseases, but if the growing conditions are violated, they can be affected:

  1. White rust that causes damage to leaves and plant death. Spraying with "Topaz" agent is effective.
  2. Downy mildew, at an early stage and for prophylaxis, is well sprayed with the biological product "Bektafit".
  3. A viral mosaic, in the fight against which it is necessary to destroy flower aphids with any insecticidal preparation and spray the plants for prophylaxis with Aktar.

To grow healthy flowering plants, it is important to purchase quality planting material. It is safe and convenient to purchase alissum seeds and seedlings in specialized stores, including via the Internet.

Video about growing mountain alissum:

Watch the video: How to save Sweet Alyssum seeds Harvesting seeds from Sweet Alyssum plants (May 2022).


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