The main advantages of growing sweet potato morning glory

The main advantages of growing sweet potato morning glory

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Morning glory sweet potato refers to a type of herbaceous plant with a perennial growth period. In the cut, such a tuber is white, pink and red.

More recently, this plant was grown mainly as a garden or indoor plant. Today the plant can live indoors. Morning glory is represented by a wide variety of species, which differ in the structure of the leaves.

They can be narrow and long, or, conversely, wide-hearted. However, the shape of the flower is the same for all plants. The flower is a funnel-shaped fused corolla in the form of a narrow tube.


  • The advantage of growing a plant
  • How to properly care for a plant?
  • Useful properties of the plant

The advantage of growing a plant

The plant has a large number of advantages, therefore it is appreciated by amateur gardeners.

Resistant to lack of severity in the ground. In this regard, it is in particular demand in the Voronezh region, since this region does not indulge the population with rains.

Such a pest as the Colorado potato beetle is not afraid of him, which ensures a high level of plant life. In addition, resistance to the list of microorganisms that threaten ordinary potatoes is noted. Scientists explain this, first of all, by the fact that the plant reproduces through the use of cuttings, and not tubers, as this reduces the risk of disease transmission. Mostly sweet potato tubers are affected by wireworms, but, as a rule, they prefer sweet varieties.

The volume of the crop is much higher than the volume of the seed. Cutting method of reproduction is also more profitable from an economic point of view. Tuber weight can vary from forty to eighty grams. The harvest is obtained in a short time, and the amount of material used is minimal.

If necessary, sweet potatoes can be completely replaced with potatoes, choosing the optimal variety line. The method of keeping planting material in winter can be different in the form of a tuber or liana.

Among the many advantages, the plant has a small wealth. In order to store tubers, compliance with the optimal temperature regime is required. The sweet potato is stored at a temperature of + 10- + 16 degrees. It is known that ordinary potatoes can withstand even freezing temperatures. In this regard, the sweet potato is also afraid of frost, which makes certain requirements for care.

How to properly care for a plant?

  1. The plant needs regular pruning, since if this is not done, then its total length can be 30 meters, which makes further maintenance difficult. Lighting levels can range from moderate to bright. Do not give preference to seats in darkened areas for landing.
  2. Watering is carried out depending on climatic conditions, while the level of soil moisture should be low. If the plant is grown in a pot, then the earth dries out quickly enough, the plant consumes a large volume of liquid. At the same time, it is important to ensure that the soil moisture level is not too high. Avoid over-watering.
  3. And when growing in a pot, it is advisable to make drainage holes for the outflow of excess fluid accumulation. In winter, at room temperature, the volume of watering decreases and should be no more than once every 3-4 weeks. However, the soil should be controlled, excluding overdrying of the clod of earth.
  4. Air humidity should also be moderate. The plant feels comfortable at a temperature of +18 - +27 degrees. The plant does not tolerate frost, therefore, when grown outdoors, it is recommended to cover it during cold periods. If dry ends appear, a spraying procedure should be carried out. This is especially true in the summer when the air temperature is high.
  5. Once a month in the spring and summer period, the plant must be fed with a complex of mineral fertilizers. You can fertilize with ingredients that are suitable for cacti or various wild plants. Fertilizer should not contain a large amount of nitrogen, as if there is an excess of it, cracks may appear on the skin of the plant.
  6. Loose soil is suitable for the plant, which breathes and easily permits moisture with a moderate level of acidity. It is not recommended to add moss as it increases the acidity of the soil.

Useful properties of the plant

The plant has a large number of useful properties and therefore finds wide application. First of all, the increased demand for the plant is explained by the fact that it contains a large amount of microelements valuable for the human body - calcium, folic acid, beta - carotene. One standard serving of the product contains the daily value of ascorbic acid. Regular consumption of plant tubers in food significantly reduces the risk of colds.

In modern cosmetology, the plant is prized for its anti-aging properties. Increases the production of halogens that prevent skin aging. The low sugar content of the product is beneficial for people with diabetes. Systematic consumption of sweet potatoes lowers blood cholesterol levels, which has a beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system.

The blood composition also improves. The plant has a healing effect on human skin, helps to stop bleeding. And the substances contained in the plant have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, reduce the level of inflammation in the brain and nerve tissues. Due to its potassium content, sweet potatoes can be used as a remedy for depression. Helps relieve fatigue, irritation, has a relaxing effect on the muscular system.

The plant is eaten in different ways. It is also processed for the purpose of making flour, molasses, canned food, starch. The tubers are boiled, fried, steamed. The stems are also edible - they are used to prepare salads. Thus, sweet potato gives a person a large number of beneficial qualities.

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