Why are tomato seedlings purple

Tomatoes, they are also tomatoes, have long and firmly taken their place in our diet. After all, tomatoes contain a number of important elements and vitamins.

In addition, they are good to eat if a stressful period has come in life: tomatoes contain tyramine, which converts into serotonin, once it enters our body. That is why when we eat tomatoes, our mood improves.

Based on the said, it is quite understandable the desire to grow these vegetables on their own in order to have a guaranteed environmentally friendly product.

There is no doubt that tomato seedlings can be purchased from sellers. But there is a danger that you will not be sold the variety that you would like to receive. And it cannot be ruled out that weak or sick copies will be sold to you. Therefore, it is the seedlings grown independently that are optimal.


  • The main stages of obtaining seedlings
  • Diseases of tomato seedlings
  • If tomato seedlings are purple

The main stages of obtaining seedlings

  • Tomato seed preparation

It will be more effective if tomato seeds are germinated within 2-3 days. To do this, they are placed on a damp cloth and placed in a warm place. Moisture must be maintained by occasional spraying until germination.

  • Planting hatched seeds

Seeds ready for planting are placed in cups, pots on a layer of soil (you can buy ready-made in the store) and sprinkle with a layer of about 1 centimeter. Peat pots are good for these purposes. Their advantage lies in the ability to decompose in the ground. Then all the containers with the planted seeds are put back in a warm place.

  • Seedling picking

Seedlings most often appear on the fifth or seventh day. It is necessary to observe the temperature regime: during the day from +10 to +15 degrees, and at night it is better to reduce it to +8.

The pick is performed when the first two true leaves appear. Before starting the procedure, abundant watering is performed so that the roots are less damaged during planting. After a dive, the soil around the stem should be slightly compacted.

  • Seedling care after picking

The main care for dived plants consists in regular watering, adherence to the temperature regime and timely feeding (about 1 time in 15 days). Important: during the day the temperature can reach +20 degrees, but at night it must be reduced to +10 degrees.

It is useful to fertilize with infusion of chicken manure. Although you can use nitrophoska solution.

Please note: seedlings must be hardened before planting in the ground.

Diseases of tomato seedlings

We list the main diseases of tomato seedlings:

  1. Late blight. For its prevention, it is necessary to alternate the usual feeding of seedlings with feeding containing trace elements (potassium, iodine, etc.).
  2. Blackleg. It is necessary to carefully monitor the temperature regime and humidity, and often inspect the plants planted in the ground.
  3. Mosaic. When a sign of a disease appears, it is necessary to treat the plants with a urea solution.
  4. Spotting (brown, white, black). Spraying with special means and soil treatment will help: spraying with potassium permanganate and dusting with ash.

If tomato seedlings are purple

The stem of tomatoes comes in different shades. Consider the case when tomato seedlings are purple.

The transition of the color of the stem and the underside of the leaves from green to purple can be in two cases:

  1. The temperature regime for young plants is not observed (too low).
  2. Tomatoes lack such an element in their diet as phosphorus.

But do not rush to apply fertilizers that may be excessive.

After all, these two reasons for the color change are very closely related. The stems turn purple, because at temperatures below 14 degrees, the roots do not absorb the phosphorus contained in the soil. From here, perhaps, starvation comes. But if the temperature is normal, and the stems have changed color, then you can try spraying. Make a 0.5% solution of phosphorus fertilizers and apply them with a sprayer to the leaves of the seedlings.

However, a little phosphorus starvation will not hurt the seedlings at this stage.

And with the restoration of the appropriate thermal regime, the seedlings planted by you will again acquire a healthy look.

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