How to grow polyanthus jasmine

How to grow polyanthus jasmine

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Jasmine a multi-flowered indoor flower of extraordinary beauty, which is endowed with tenderness, beauty and aroma, and also has the structure of a curling liana. It is grown both in winter gardens and in residential premises (houses, apartments).

It pleases us with its flowering for more than six months - from early spring to mid-autumn.


  • How to propagate polyanthus jasmine indoors
  • How to care for polyanthus jasmine
  • All about transplanting polyanthus jasmine

How to propagate polyanthus jasmine indoors

Most often breeds jasmine polyanthus vegetatively - cuttings. Cut them from the bush in the spring. It is best for them to take healthy ripe shoots. Make a solution of potassium permanganate with water (easy) and keep them there for 5-6 hours. Then start rooting by placing it in clean water and covering it with a plastic bag at a temperature of 20 degrees. And it is desirable that they take root in a bright, but not sunny place. Until they take root, planting in the ground is not necessary. They take root for a very long time, sometimes this process reaches two months. Only when roots develop there, transplant it into the soil.

Since at this stage the cutting just needs warmth, some gardeners take the following steps in this way:

  • the ground into which the cutting will be transplanted is slightly warmed up so that it is not cold.
  • Then this cutting is transplanted there and sprayed with water.
  • Take a glass jar and rinse lightly in hot water and cover this shank. Thus, forming a mini greenhouse.
  • 2 times a day, the jar is removed for 10-15 minutes. And every day the time increases, until it takes root completely.

How to care for polyanthus jasmine

Jasmine polyanthus sIt is a sun-loving plant, so it is better to keep it on the windows on the south side, but so that the direct rays of the sun do not directly hit. And there is no need to put the plant near the heating devices, otherwise the flower will disappear. As for watering, he just loves water. Therefore, in the hot period it needs to be watered often and a lot, and in the winter - less watered, but it is recommended to often spray its leaves. Since it does not tolerate dry air. You also need to take into account that he really does not like drafts, and the normal temperature for him will be in the range of 20-22 degrees.

All about transplanting polyanthus jasmine

Jasmine is transplanted in early spring - in the month of March. Keep in mind that they love tight pots. If the plant is still young, then you need to replant every year, and if mature, then once every three years will be enough. These plants are very fond of and thrive in the ground, which consists of sand, leaf and clay-wood mixture.

Also, when they are in active growth, they need to be constantly fed with liquid potash fertilizers. Basically, this period begins in April and ends in August. Fertilize at least once a week.

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