The main methods of breeding felt cherries

The main methods of breeding felt cherries

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China, Mongolia and Korea are considered the birthplace of the felt cherry. Fruits in small hard cherries (up to 1.5 cm in diameter), oval in shape, which are covered with a cannon. A good harvest from it can be harvested already in the third year of life, and continues to bear fruit abundantly for 15-20 years. Bears fruit in the middle of summer.

The peak of popularity in Europe and North America is considered to be the middle of the 20th century. And since then he has not left to take his place of honor among the "inhabitants" of the garden. It propagates in 3 ways: seeds, layering and cuttings.


  • Seed propagation
  • Propagation by cuttings
  • Reproduction by layering

Seed propagation

Felt cherry seeds are the most basic breeding method. The result of which becomes 87%, that is, from 10 seeds 8 will definitely sprout. Sowing of which is carried out in the middle of autumn - October. For this, the bones after the bush bears fruit are collected, washed and dried. But not in the sun. And in the last month of summer, they are mixed with sand and stored until October in a cool place. Then, in the allotted area, where the future cherry should "live" constantly, the land is cultivated, and shallow grooves up to 6 centimeters are made. Seeds are sown, sprinkled with sand or sawdust a little and covered with ordinary garden soil. After the snow has melted, you can already see seedlings, which in the fall will already grow up to half a meter.

Propagation by cuttings

The method of propagation by cuttings is used only for the most fruitful and large-fruited felt cherries. Cuttings are taken from shoots 10-15 cm in length of the second or third orders of branching in the current year. They are harvested with a part of last year's wood up to 2 cm. These cuttings are treated with a growth regulator early in the morning, combined into bunches. After they have soaked in the growth regulator for 12 hours, they can be planted. They are planted in a pre-made substrate according to the scheme 8 - 10x5. Then the piece is deepened into the ground: 2 cm of a lignified cutting and 1 cm of a green cutting. Then the substrate is covered with plastic wrap, the edges of which are covered with earth. To prevent a lot of sun from falling on them on sunny days, they are covered with gauze, and sometimes with a double layer. Due to this, moisture is constantly circulating there. If it is very hot, then water only around the cuttings.

Reproduction by layering

In order to make a "clone" of the mother plant, horizontal layers are very often used. After winter, after the snow has melted from the ground, all the stems are cut out from the felt cherry bush, leaving only one. During the current year, new strong cherry stems will grow in the bush. The next year, they are placed in a groove up to 15 centimeters deep and pinned. Vertical shoots begin to grow from them, which are constantly sprinkled with fresh earth. They take root in the ground. In autumn they can already be called a "clone" of the mother plant.

Little advice

Also, the main thing in planting the felt cherry is the place. She loves hills or flat places. Near a fence or building where the climate is warm and snow collects. And also loves a light sandy loam and loamy bud, which is easily warmed up by the sun. In no case should it be planted in areas where there is a swampy place or where the water does not dry out for a long time.

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