How is growing tarragon different

How is growing tarragon different

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Why is the cultivation of tarragon - or wormwood - carried out? As you know, this plant is actively used in medicine. Besides the fact that it adorns certain places in nature, it is used as a spice in cooking.

How is tarragon effective

Meat dishes go well with this spicy substance. Let's describe it in general terms:

  • The bush can grow up to 1 meter long and slightly higher;
  • It consists of numerous stems with very narrow leaves;
  • Rhizome - overgrown;
  • The whole ground-type part is suitable for food, which has a pleasant smell and a pungent taste.
  • Traditional medicine is familiar with tarragon because of the following:
  • Antiscorbutic;
  • Remedy for tooth decay and gum disease.

In medicine, medicinal vodka, ointments and tinctures, and other medicinal solutions are made from it.

It is a plant known for its cold hardiness. The plant can develop immediately after the snowmelt phase. For the growth of tarragon for 8-10 years, only one space is enough.

If you grow a vegetable variety, you need to remember that it can only grow for about 6 years.

In the south of Russia, the plant can produce seeds. The ethereal stability will not decrease if high doses of nitrogen are not added. Manure as a fertilizer is not recommended - humus is better.

The plant reproduces in several ways:

  • By dividing the rhizome;
  • By dividing root suckers;
  • Seedlings;
  • With the help of cuttings.

You can grow seedlings - you need seeds for this. Seeds do not need to be planted, the soil should be slightly compacted. You can sow 300 seeds per hectare at the rate. In the ground, tarragon cultivation should be carried out in the spring.

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