Onion pests

Onions are a very useful and necessary garden crop, which is widely used in our life and without which it is difficult to imagine a garden. In this article we will try to figure out which onion pests most popular in our beds and how to deal with them.

The most common pest of onions is onion fly. It is a small insect about 7 mm in size. They usually appear in early May and lay their larvae next to the onion or even between its leaves. Plants affected by larvae wither rather quickly, and the bulbs rot. A new generation of flies appears in early July and affects new crops. These insidious onion pests are easy to destroy if, before their intended appearance, the garden is pollinated with tobacco dust.

The next common pest is onion stem non-onion method... They are threadlike worms. They are so small that they can only be viewed with a microscope. These pests of onions infect the plant not only in the garden, but also during storage. Damaged bulbs will rot or dry out. You can fight such worms only with the help of chemicals, which cannot be used on green leaves.

Another common pest is considered tobacco thrips... It is a small brown insect with wings. It sucks the juice from the onion, thereby leading to its death. You can recognize the work of an insect by the white spots on the bow. They also fight it with the help of chemicals.

Unfortunately, almost all onion pests require the use of chemicals to combat them, so their appearance is always an extremely unpleasant surprise for the owner of the garden.

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