Apple tree golden delicious - winter-hardy breed with juicy fruits

 Apple tree golden delicious - winter-hardy breed with juicy fruits

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Quite wide popularity in the gardens of Europe has acquired over the past few decades apple tree golden delicious, which is attractive not only for its beautiful appearance of the fruits, but also for their taste.

Most often fruit This apple tree is represented by a yellowish color with greenish blotches or light brown lenticels, the taste of apples has a sweeter taste than sour, although this apple variety is classified as sour-sweet. The fruits of this apple variety are very well preserved in winter and, if stored correctly, retain their taste until April. Apples are stored at low humidity, but even such conditions keep the fruit juicy.

In appearance The Golden Delicious apple tree is undersized and reaches a height of no more than 3 meters. After 2-3 years, the first fruits can be harvested from a young tree. At the same time, already on young plants on last year's growths of branches, whole garlands of fruits are formed - 3-4 apples each. At the age of 6-7 years, the Golden Delicious apple tree can delight its owners with 15-17 kg of ripe and juicy fruits.

In cultivation The Golden Delicious apple tree is quite simple, although gardeners still recommend growing this apple variety in warmer regions, since with severe frosts, even with proper warming, the apple tree can freeze. Although, as shown, tests even at a temperature of -31 degrees froze only annual growths on the plant. With the onset of frost at the beginning of flowering, only up to 38% of flowers and buds are damaged, which has also been proven in experiments conducted by breeders.

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