How to plant tomatoes for seedlings correctly?

How to plant tomatoes for seedlings correctly?

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Winter has not long left to reign in most regions of Russia and, especially in Ukraine, and summer residents are beginning to think about buying seeds and preparing seedling boxes with soil. But to think about it how to plant tomatoes for seedlings correctly and what to prepare for caring for them - it's time. You need to prepare seeds that are regionalized for your place of residence. If you plan to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse, then it is better to choose indeterminate varieties, and for open ground are more suitable determinantbecause they do not need high supports.

The seedling boxes do not need to be made too deep, a depth of 6-7 cm is enough. Fill them with special seedling soil, leaving a couple of centimeters from the top edge. It is better to buy soil in the store., it consists of components that are optimally suitable for the development of seedlings. In addition, digging up land for seedlings in your own garden, you impoverish it and risk infecting the seedlings with any disease. If a purchase is not possible, then it is better to dig up the land in the forest. For seeds, you need to take about third decade of March... First, they are germinated on a damp cotton cloth for 2-3 days until they hatch. At the same time, we reject non-viable seeds.

Then we lay out the hatched seeds on the surface of the earth according to the 1x1 scheme, and sprinkle the top with the same earth with a layer of two centimeters. When the sprouts are large enough, they will have at least a couple of real leaves, the seedlings need to be dived into separate containers. It is convenient to use disposable cups or even plastic bags. When transplanting pinch off a third of the root for the formation of a powerful root system and deepen the plants to the cotyledon leaves. When it becomes warm enough outside (10 degrees), it is better to take the seedlings to the balcony in order to avoid stretching. How to plant tomatoes in the ground is a separate story, but this can be done only when the threat of recurrent frosts has passed.

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