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Katran is a vegetable gingerbread crop. The leaves and roots of this culture use instead of shit... Kartan good endures cold winters, severe frosts and a short growing season. It is desirable to grow katran in high beds.

Before planting, the seeds must first wet in wet sand and leave for three months in a room with a temperature of one or two degrees. Naked seeds are sown in loose and well-fertilized soil. Landing is performed in early spring... Sowing should be single line. Leave a distance between plants in a row. about 20 centimeters. Seeds are placed at a depth of 2 to 3 centimeters. If the sowing is very dense, then the size of the root crop will decrease. About two months after sowing, the plant will develop five true leaves. In autumn root crops are 20 centimeters long, 2-3 centimeters in diameter and weigh about 300 grams. If the plant remains for the winter in the soil, then after a year its length increases to 30 centimeters, thickness - up to 6, and weight - up to 1 kilogram.

In the second or third year of life, the cartan, subject to timely sufficient watering, as well as loosening able to bloom... In the first year in autumn, the cartan produces marketable root crops. A certain part of the root crops is left for the winter. In the spring they grow back quickly, and then bloom, after the seeds ripen, the roots die off. Katran does not clog the area. It grows well on different soils, except for swampy ones. With an annual crop, the yield is 1.2 - 1.4 kilograms per square meter.

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