What is the Savoy cabbage in the photo and composition

What is the Savoy cabbage in the photo and composition

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In appearance, the Savoy cabbage in the photo resembles white cabbage. The heads of cabbage themselves are looser, the leaves are very bubbly in texture - they are called corrugated.

Description - Savoy cabbage in the garden and on the table

The Mediterranean is home to the vegetable. Savoy cabbage comes in many different varieties here. Savoy cabbage is popular in Western Europe.

This is a biennial type, cross-pollinated plant. In the first year, a spindle-shaped or cylindrical rather short densely leafy stem grows. In the second year, the embryos of inflorescences appear. Let's list the differences:

  • The leaves are bubbly;
  • Color - different shades of green;
  • There are rare varieties with pigmentation;
  • There is a wax coating;
  • The shape of the heads of cabbage is different;
  • Inflorescence color - light yellow;
  • Short pods are rarely smooth.

Savoy cabbage is popular among those who love hardy vegetation. Frosts for seedlings are acceptable up to -4 ...- 5 ° С. The southern regions grow it all year round. Drought-resistant. Pests rarely settle on the plant.

Ordinary cabbage has a higher yield and is stored longer. But it is grown in the same way. They sow seeds in open ground, or use a seedling method.

In terms of nutritional value, cabbage is inferior to broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Contains protein and iron, as well as potassium, carotene and a number of vitamins, including ascorbic acid. In food, savoy cabbage will be healthier for the elderly. It also promotes the development of a young body. In recipes, the savoy cabbage in the photo is found in a variety of dishes, including desserts.

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