Peking cabbage - its cultivation and useful properties

Peking cabbage - its cultivation and useful properties

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Chinese cabbage familiar to many housewives. The main thing is to remember the simple rules regarding planting and caring for this plant.

Growing Chinese cabbage

First you need to properly prepare the soil. As soon as the snow has completely melted, ash is brought into the ground, and then loosened up by a cultivator. Ideally, the precursor to the cabbage should be a cucumber.

Seeds do not need to be soaked before planting. They just need to be planted under the film, putting 3 seeds in the hole. The distance between the rows should be about 45 cm. The first shoots appear in 5-7 days.

Chinese cabbage, cultivation
which even beginners can do, needs a single feeding. You can use fermented nettles for this. Since the plant does not tolerate acidic soil poorly, you can neutralize it by adding dolomite or chalk to the nettle solution.

If you are interested in benefits of Chinese cabbage, then it is called a product of longevity. It contains an essential acid for the body - lysine. In addition, Beijing cabbage, useful properties which is high enough, cleanses the blood and enhances human immunity.

It can be added to borscht, replacing white cabbage. By the way, it retains its vitamins for a long time. Chinese cabbage, recipes which can be easily found salads, goes well with other vegetables, mushrooms and chicken. It is advisable to dress such salads not with mayonnaise, but with vegetable or olive oil. Sometimes Chinese cabbage is used instead of lettuce leaves.

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