Room acid and its care

Room acid and its care

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Graceful plant oxalis room has a number of other names, for example, clover of happiness, hare cabbage. In some European countries, it is believed that this indoor flower brings happiness and good luck, it is customary to give it for Christmas and New Year. Her flowers are small and can be white, purple or pink.

When caring for acid, it is important to find her well lit place, but, at the same time, closed from direct rays of the sun. If room oxalis does not receive enough light, its leaves lose their decorative effect and stretch out. In direct sun, burns are formed on them. She does not like acid and heat, The best temperature for her will be 25 degrees. In summer, the plant can be taken out onto the balcony, watered abundantly and spray. In winter, some types of oxalis have dormant periodwhen the ground part dies off. At this time, the air temperature should be reduced to 10-15 degrees, watering is reduced, and spraying is not required.

From May to the end of August, during the active growing season, the plant needs feed complex fertilization a couple of times a month. The sour cherry is transplanted annually in the spring, making sure that the drainage is good and the soil is light. Multiply The plant can be by seed, by dividing the bulb or by cuttings. Kislitsa seeds are very small, when sowing they are not embedded in the soil and a mini-greenhouse is arranged for them.

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