Growing viburnum buldenezh for garden decoration

Growing viburnum buldenezh for garden decoration

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Beautiful ornamental plants can become a real decoration of a flower bed or garden. You just need to pick up beautifully flowering plants that will delight the eyes of the owners and their guests.

Kalina Buldenezh - this kind of common viburnum, which blooms very beautifully, but does not bear fruit. Its flowers consist of flowers without pistils and stamens, which is why they are called asexual. Translated from Chinese, the name of this plant sounds like "snow balls". Growing viburnum buldenezh especially popular in urban areas, because it does not require much maintenance, but will naturally decorate streets and parks.

Growing viburnum buldenezh and caring for it provides regular watering of the plant. Moisture for viburnum buldenezh is simply necessary. The planting site can be either sunny or semi-shady, but not a shade, then the plant will very beautifully show its decorative value. In the process of growing this type of viburnum, it is necessary feed with complex fertilizers only 2 times per year - in spring and autumn.

Kalina Buldenezh has a very developed root system, therefore, very often this plant is grown on slopes to strengthen the soil.

Breeds viburnum buldenezh by shoots or cuttings is quite simple. After rooting, future plants also need to provide the necessary moisture, then the plant will delight with its splendor and abundant flowering.

In the cultivation of viburnum, problems associated with damage from aphids or leaf-eating insects can arise. In this case, the plant must be immediately treated with special solutions - "fitoverm" or "akletik".

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