Growing malopa as a hedge

Malopa is a standing, branchy plant, reaching a height of one meter. The seeds are suitable for planting for 4 years.

Malopa flowers are white, purple and pink. They are often compared to summer mallow. Malopa is translated from Greek as "like a mallow". Malopa flowers in appearance resemble the flowers of mallow, hibiscus and abutilon. Very beautiful white malopa with delicate large white flowers with pink veins.

Growing malopa
does not amount to much effort. Since it grows in any soil. Fertile and waterproof areas are preferred.

plant by seeds. They are sown in open ground in April - May. The first seedlings appear after two weeks. If necessary, they are thinned out, the distance between plants is at least 30 cm.

It should be planted in a sunny place. Gardeners grow malopa as an annual plant, since in the harsh winter the horse system freezes over.

Growing malopa as green areas has gained great popularity. The plant is branched and grows well as a green hedge decorated with large flowers. it is used to create luxurious bouquets.

Watering essential for young plants. Drought tolerant.

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