Perennial rudbeckia - sun reflection

Perennial rudbeckia - sun reflection

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These beautiful, slightly chamomile-like flowers love to look at the sun, as if seeing their reflection in it. Close relatives of asters and echinacea, they have about 40 varieties. In North America, from where rudbeckia by birth, she is also called "Black-eyed Suzanne". If you want your rudbeckia to bloom for a long time and be strong, look for them not too shaded place and pre-fertilize the soil. This unpretentious plant is a great option for a novice gardener. Without much effort to care, you can admire the large yellow flowers in your country house, flower bed, terrace.

If you come across a high grade of rudbeckia, it is better to prop it up. This flower loves water, so in summer, when there is no rain, you need it water daily in the morning or evening... For this plant will answer you with a long flowering period, from July to October. Rutbekia perennial - a winter-hardy culture that can grow up to 8-10 years or more in one place. If you divide the rhizome every five years, then the flower will remain decorative for a long time.

If the flower petals have brown spots, it means that pests have appeared. The main enemy of rudbeckia is leaf nematodeswhich can be removed with an insecticide. You can propagate the plant seedlings and seeds... It is better to plant at a great distance from each other so that the plants do not shade themselves.

Usually rudbeckia has a dark volumetric core and yellow (orange, brown) leaves, but there are varieties of purple, as well as with terry, spherical baskets... There are undersized species (up to 60 cm) and tall (up to 2 m.)

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