Proper preparation of pepper seeds for sowing

Proper preparation of pepper seeds for sowing

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If you are interested preparation of pepper seeds for sowing, then it really needs to be approached quite seriously. To ensure their rapid emergence, it is necessary to use one of the proposed methods - treatment with microelements, disinfection, soaking or hardening.

Growing pepper

First you need to select pepper seeds... To do this, take a 3% kitchen salt solution and dip the seeds into it for a few minutes. Those that come up can be safely thrown away. But full-weight seeds must be washed, laid out on paper and dried.

Pepper growing
which begins with choosing a location, prefers well-heated and well-lit areas. Moreover, the plant must be protected from the wind.

Be sure to consider the fact that the best precursors to peppers are beans, beans, cucumber, peas, onions, and winter grains. Growing pepper in the open field includes compliance with a number of important conditions. In particular, the soil must be loosened, especially after the next watering and rain.

Loosening the soil will have a beneficial effect on the growth of the pepper, since its root system is located relatively shallow in the ground. And the flow of air will contribute to the faster growth and activation of the biological activity of soil microorganisms.

By the way, many other housewives like growing indoor peppers, since you will not only collect a small harvest, but also enjoy the aesthetic appearance of this ornamental plant.

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