Growing cucumbers at home all year round

Growing cucumbers at home all year round

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In the cold season, I really want fresh vegetables and fruits, and, in general, they have become available. Therefore, some amateur gardeners practice growing cucumbers at home all year round. It turns out that there are no special difficulties in this, especially if you buy the seeds of parthenocarpic hybrids that do not require pollination. Especially popular Rytov's indoor cucumber... Unfortunately, you can hardly find its seeds in the store, only from amateurs.

First, the seeds of cucumbers are treated with "Epin" to accelerate growth, then they are sown in seedling boxes. The substrate should consist of leafy and turfy soil with the addition of sand for better soil drainage. You can add wood ash, phosphorus and potash fertilizers. Every day, the soil is watered and, before the shoots appear, the boxes are covered with glass or film, thus making mini greenhouse. Until the seeds germinate, the greenhouse should stand in a warm place, and after the seedlings appear, the temperature is lowered so that the plant does not stretch.

When the plants have 3-4 real leaves, they are seated in separate containers, which must have a volume of at least 8 liters. Water them with warm water and put a trellis ladder or tie them with twine to the top of the window. If you have planted a bee-pollinated variety, growing cucumbers at home involves artificial pollinationwhen the plant blooms. Feed the plant once a week, it also needs spraying, because it loves moist air. Make sure that the temperature does not fall below 20 degrees, and set additional lighting, better fluorescent lamps, cucumber needs long daylight hours.

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