Growing penstemon will brighten your garden

Growing penstemon will brighten your garden

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Many unusually beautiful plants can decorate the garden area. So growing penstemon for many it remains an untapped pleasure. After all, this plant is truly a real treasure for those who seek to decorate their garden with flowers.

This flowering plant belongs to the Norichnikov family, and the Penstemon genus itself includes more than 250 varieties... These flowers are tall and small, and climbing, and creeping, and tall erect. Many varieties of penstemons are perennials. But on the territory of Russia, penstemones are most often grown as annuals. You can decorate almost every corner of the garden with these flowers, choosing exactly the variety that will be comfortable both in a sunny place and in a quiet shaded corner.

The most common cultivation of penstemons from seed... They are sown on the surface of the earth, without deepening, in February or early March. Seeds can only be sprinkled with clean, disinfected with boiling water, sand, since they need sunlight for germination. The soil for seeds must be moist. The container with seeds must be covered with foil or glass. The optimum temperature for germination of penstemon seeds is 18-24 degrees Celsius. For better growth, the seeds can be cold treated before planting - stratification.

If it is necessary to provide earlier flowering penstemons, then the seedlings after germination must be cut into peat pots and the temperature for growth must be set at about 15 degrees heat. The higher growth temperature of the seedlings will slow down future flowering.

Penstemon sprouts can be planted in open ground at the end of May, choosing sufficiently dry places, since this plant does not tolerate stagnant moisture.

If you have chosen a perennial variety for planting, then you should take into account that this plant is not a long-liver - 3-4 years of growth and flowering is the maximum, after which the plant needs to be renewed.

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