Growing bakopa - bridal bouquet on the windowsill

Bacopa is an amazing plant belonging to the Norichnikov family. Wide use growing bacopa received not only due to the excellent decorative effect, but also due to the long flowering period (from March to October). Bacopa blooms almost continuously, dividing the flowering time into 2 stages, each stage has its own peak of abundance and a period of decrease in flowering, in other words, the flowering is wavy. In addition, Sutera is a very unpretentious perennial plant.

Features of growing bacopa

  • Sutera is a creeping plant that can be left to creep along the ground, in which case the flowers can cover a rather large area, since when in contact with the ground, roots are formed at each node of the shoot. If necessary, the shoots of the bacopa can be directed upward by installing supports, a net or fixing the shoots with soft wire or twine. Bacopa is successfully used to decorate fences, walls, lampposts. At the same time, growing bacopa in hanging flowerpots is becoming more and more popular.
  • It is advisable to grow Bacopa in sunny areas, but a little shading is not scary for her. If the shading is too strong, the plant will pick up the lighting, and the shoots will stretch out due to the increase in internodes. In addition, flowering in partial shade is less abundant and may stop completely.
  • To ensure the most lush shape, it is recommended to pinch growth points on a young plant and additional fertilization of the soil.

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