Why do tulips leaves wither and what to do about it?

Why do tulips leaves wither and what to do about it?

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Noble, graceful and incredibly beautiful tulip - a real decoration of every personal plot. One of the most common problems that happens to this plant is withered leaves, and many growers are concerned about why tulips wither leaves.

So, let's try to figure out why the leaves of tulips wither. Most often, the cause of this problem turns out to be very simple and even banal and is a lack of moisture... Irregular or too poor watering provokes depletion of plants and, as a result, wilting of their leaves and buds. To prevent this, tulips should water regularly and it is necessary to carefully monitor the irrigation regime in sunny clear weather, when the thermometer tends to rise.

However, not always everything turns out to be so simple. So, if you water tulips regularly, but their leaves continue to wither, this most likely indicates insufficient amount of nutrients in the soil or the presence of any disease. In the first case, it is very simple to correct the situation: it is enough just to apply the necessary fertilizers, carefully observing their dosage. If the wilting of the leaves is provoked by a disease, you need remove affected plants first, and then try to identify the disease and immediately begin to fight it.

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