Maonia - Mahonia aquifolium

Maonia - Mahonia aquifolium

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About forty species of evergreen shrubs, originating in North America, belong to the genus Maonia.
Mahonia aquifolium is a medium-sized shrub that reaches 150-200 cm in height when ripe. It has a woody stem, dark brown or grayish, erect, not very branched; the shrubs tend to take on a rounded shape over the years, also because of the numerous basal shoots that develop rapidly. The leaves are imparipinnate, divided into 5-9 small oval, pointed leaves, with short spines, dark green; the atropurpurea variety produces dark purple leaves at the end of winter.
In March-April at the apex of the maony stems small golden-yellow flowers bloom, gathered in short panicles, delicately scented.
In late spring this plant produces small dark berries.

The plants of this variety are very hardy and resistant and are not often attacked by pests and diseases, in any case it is always good to check the specimens to find out promptly about possible attacks that could affect their health.
Powdery mildew attacks young leaves and shoots, covering them with a white and dusty mold. The rust forms reddish spots on the upper side of the leaves and brown spots on the lower one. In this case it is necessary to resort to specific products that allow to cure these pathologies quickly and decisively.


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