Freesia at home

Freesia African-born. The most widespread is hybrid freesia, which is appreciated by gardeners for its strong aroma reminiscent of lily of the valley.

Freesia successfully grown in open ground, as well as in greenhouse conditions... It is recommended to use the soil that is moisture-consuming, nutritious and loose. You can start planting the bulbs from April to May. Previously, the soil and corms are treated with a solution of manganese or fungicide. Such simple procedures will save freesia from putrefactive diseases.

Freesia at home it is good because it pleases with its extraordinary colors at the end of winter, when everything around is so dull and gray.

Freesia pots must be filled withdrainage and loose and nutritious soil... The bulbs can be planted in pots in October, they germinate very quickly - after two weeks, timid sprouts will appear from the ground. The difficulty in growing in this way lies in the fact that it is not always possible to provide the plant with the necessary illumination, and freesia is very fond of sunlight (it's not for nothing that it comes from hot Africa).

Freesia at home requires careful care of the bulbs, because after flowering, freesia dries up the aerial part. It must be removed, and the bulbs must be dug up and dried well. Important properly organize the process of storing freesia corms - place them in a polyethylene bag and keep at room temperature.

And in the fall, you can start planting this cute plant again.

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