Gerbera hybrid: growing a plant at home

Gerbera hybrid: growing a plant at home

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Gerbera hybrid - one of the most common crops that are grown in greenhouses for further cutting. Potted gerbera purchased from a flower shop with proper care, it can bloom for two to three months, however, it is difficult to keep the plant longer.

The hybrid gerbera is extremely light-requiring, but cannot stand the scorching sun. Therefore, it is best to place the plant pot not far from the window, but not on the windowsill itself... In the absence of such an opportunity, the flower needs to organize additional lighting with fluorescent lamps. The plant feels most comfortable at a relatively low temperature (no more than 18-20 degrees). Water the gerbera needed often, but in moderation: a slight lack of moisture can only lead to yellowing and dropping of several lower leaves, it is much more dangerous for a plant to overmoisten the soil in a pot.

If you purchased a plant in a small pot, it should be transplanted into a large container. with good drainage and slightly acidic soilconsisting of leaf and sod land, sand and peat. Gerbera is very susceptible to various fungal diseases, which are almost impossible to cure. Therefore, the plant for prevention should treat weekly with a special preparation, for example, phytosporin.

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