Carnation shabo in the photo - the queen of the garden

Carnation shabo in the photo - the queen of the garden

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Carnation Shabo in the photo belongs to the carnation family. The plant is perennial, although it is grown as an annual.

This type of carnation is distinguished by a compact bush that has bluish-green stems covered with a waxy coating, narrow-linear leaves and large double flowers with a pleasant aroma.

The Shabo carnation in the photo has a wide variety of flowers: white, cream, yellow, pink, red.

Multiply cloves with seeds that are sown in the greenhouse during the last winter months. Seedlings dive for the first time into seed boxes, then into nutrient pots or greenhouses. Carnation blooms in 6 months from the day of sowing.

Carnation seedlings in flower beds are planted in the early days of the calendar summer. To form more compact bushes, the tops are periodically pinched.

Carnation Shabo blooms from the second half of July until frost. To extend the flowering period, the plants are first planted in pots, which are placed in a greenhouse, then immediately transplanted into the ground along with a lump of earth.

When breeding
Seeds of some plants grow flowers non-double, therefore the most valuable are propagated by cuttings.

Seeds need a long period of sunny weather to ripen, as the cups crack from rains. The seeds ripen one and a half to two months after the beginning of flowering of the plant, the ripe seeds spill out on the ground.

Carnation grows well in deep, fertile, permeable and limed soils in open areas. Does not tolerate stagnant areas.

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