Gloriosa in the photo

Gloriosa in the photo

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Gloriosa in the photo presented in the form small or tall climbing and erect grasses. The genus of gloriosa includes five species. Gloriosa has tuberous rhizomes, simple stem, leaves the plant has alternate, sessile, ovoid, they end with a tendril. Flowers in gloriosa they are large, on long pedicels. The perianth segments are free, with a yellow border, wavy or curly, with a fold in the longitudinal direction, in which the nectary is located.

Gloriosa in the photo resembles a flame blown away by the wind. In this regard, the second name of the plant is "lily of flame"... A distinctive feature of gloriosa is that after flowering, the color of the perianth changes, the yellow border disappears, and the saturation of the red color increases. In one season, up to seven inflorescences can open on the stem.

In mid-latitudes, gloriosa is grown as indoor plant, but in the south, the flower grows in the open field. Gloriosa loves sunny places, but it is protected from the direct rays of the sun. It is better to grow a plant on east and west windows... Gloriosa treats well diffused light and humid air. A tray with water for the pot is used to increase the humidity. The vigorous growth of this plant occurs in the spring. Therefore, the care at this time should be better. Periodically, gloriasis needs to be fed with liquid fertilizer. Drafts should be avoided. On warm summer days, gloriasis can be taken outdoors.

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