Healing properties of rose hips: for sick and healthy people

Healing properties of rose hips: for sick and healthy people

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A whole book is not enough to fully describe healing properties of rose hips... Rosehip is a beautiful flowering plant, its fruits ripen by September - October, it is at this time that you need to make supplies for the winter.

Dog-rose fruit contain a huge amount of vitamin C, and this makes them an indispensable tool for strengthening the immune system. The fruit also contains vitamins B, K, P, carotene, organic acids, pectins. Such a multivitamin composition helps the body fight scurvy, night blindness and other manifestations of vitamin deficiencies, and rose hips are also used for hypertension, atherosclerosis, anemia, and various bleeding.

The healing properties of rose hips are not limited only to fruits, for the treatment and prevention of various diseases also use its roots... A decoction from the roots is recommended as a tonic for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, in the presence of kidney stones and other kidney problems.

Dried rosehip tea is indispensable for colds, coughs, flu. Regular intake of this vitamin tea is an excellent prevention of any seasonal illness.

Useful properties are possessed by rosehip leaves... Their special smell has a calming effect on the nervous system, relieves headaches, and effectively fights migraines.

Every family should have a tradition to gather for tea from rose hips - this, without exaggeration, is a guarantee of health and longevity. Contraindications to the use of rose hips are thrombophlebitis and an increased risk of blood clots.

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