Clematis Westerplatte - a memorable variety

Clematis Westerplatte - a memorable variety

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Clematis Westerplatte - This is the most beautiful variety of Polish selection, distinguished by large (10-16 cm) flowers. Flowering begins in June and ends in August, blooms on the shoots of the current year.

It is especially good to grow clematis near hedges, fences, walls of gazebos, on trellises. Also, the plant can crawl up and along natural supports from trees and shrubs.

The Westerplatte variety prefers a sunny, wind-protected place in the garden. When planting, one should take into account the fact that the roots of clematis should be far from groundwater. Choose a loose, well-drained and fertile soil, it is possible to plant in clay soils and loams, but with neutral acidity.

In hot weather, clematis westerplatte likes not too frequent, but plentiful watering. After watering, at least four times per season, the plants require fertilizing.

After purchasing a clematis bush and before planting it in a permanent place, the shoots are shortened. Formative pruning is also carried out every summer. In order for clematis to bloom longer, in the spring, part of the shoots is cut off, and pruning is also carried out for the winter. To do this, clematis are removed from their supports, all dry, dead shoots are removed, sick and weak, strong shoots are only shortened, leaving on the plant.

Basically, all clematis are resistant to winter frosts. If you provide them with the right shelter, then they can withstand temperatures as low as -45 degrees. But the main danger for clematis in winter is waterlogged soil, so they need shelter.

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