Growing cedar at home

Growing cedar at home

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To implement growing cedar at home not as difficult as it sounds. To sprout nuts, you need long-term stratification... This box is closed to protect the nuts from mice and left straight. in the snow outside until spring. If this is not possible, use cellar or refrigerator.

In the spring we take out these nuts and plant them in a bowl with sandy loam soil. It should be sealed to a depth of about 1 cm and kept in a bright place at a temperature of about 20 degrees. The first shoots will appear in 20-30 days... Protect them from direct sunlight, but make sure they get enough light. Early years cedar grows very slowly... It is possible to plant seedlings in separate pots only in the third year. The soil in the pots should be constantly moistened and the plant should be shaded. Everyone, of course, knows that cedar is by no means a small tree, so if you continue to plan to grow cedar at home, you will have to make bonsai.

If the plant is later transplanted into the garden, then from the age of one, it must be taught to fresh air, taken out in the garden in the summer, but not left there. Transplant into the ground cedar is recommended at the age of three, later they take root worse. In the garden, the plant will also need shade and constant moisture for the first time. But an excess of moisture is as destructive for a young cedar as its lack. The soil around the cedar cannot be loosened and fertilized, but it is absolutely necessary mulch.

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