Large-flowered placticodon is a very elegant decoration for your garden.

Large-flowered placticodon is a very elegant decoration for your garden.

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A very beautiful and unusual plant platycodon large-flowered belongs to the bellflower family, another name for the plant is valenbergia... This genus includes only one type of plant; it is distributed in the Far East and Eastern Siberia, Korea, North China and Japan.

Platycodon large-flowered looks very attractive and decorative. The plant is a perennial, the height of its stems reaches about half a meter, sometimes more, the flowers are large, blue or blue, collected in racemose inflorescences. They look amazingly graceful, the leaves and even flower buds are also very beautiful. The plant blooms in July-August.

In the wild, the plant chooses dry meadows, rocky places. To date, many garden forms of large-flowered platycodon have been bred, including dwarf plants, as well as plants with double flowers and semi-double flowers, platycodon colors have also become richer - there are plants with blue and blue, white, pink flowers.

The best way to breed Platicodone is by seed... The plant is very sensitive to the quality of the soil and responds gratefully to feeding. It is best to plant the bell on drained soils, in areas open to the sun. But the plant also tolerates partial shade well. The plant does not like swampy areas. It tolerates winter well in the open field.

To extend the flowering period, you need to systematically remove flowers that have already faded. Seeds can be harvested already in September, for the most part they are complete and give excellent friendly shoots. Plant drought tolerantbut in order to grow a luxurious plant it is best to provide it with moderate watering.

Platycodon grandiflorum has been cultivated as a crop since 1872.



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