Common hazel

Common hazel

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Common hazel is a species of deciduous woody shrubs, as well as trees from the genus Hazel.

Hazel shrub can grow up to 5-7 meters, sometimes it grows in a tree-like manner. Common hazel has a very strong superficial root system.

Hazel begins to bloom in April, even before the leaves bloom. This plant is monoecious shrubtherefore it is very well pollinated by the wind. Hazelnut fruits - nuts, ripen in August or early September.

Hazel is a completely shade-tolerant plant, but if it is in deep shade, then it will bear fruit worse. Among the soils, this plant will prefer forest, loose, humus-rich.

In addition to its beauty, hazel is also a useful tree, as it bears fruit with very tasty and healthy nuts. Hazel is also a very practical material. Its wood is very strong, light, flexible and dense. Often, bent wooden products are made from such wood.

Among other things, hazel is wonderful plant, which is capable of decorating any garden with its beauty.

In private gardening, the cultivar Corylus avellana Fuscorubra is very often grown, which has beautiful large red-brown or purple leaves. By the fall, these leaves begin to turn green. Nuts and catkins of the plant also have a reddish tint. This variety will grow very well in sunny areas, but still has requirements for soil and moisture.

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