Useful properties of red rowan - how to preserve them

Useful properties of red rowan - how to preserve them

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Useful properties of red rowan knew for a long time, widely used in treatment, in cooking for the manufacture of dishes, drinks, desserts.

The red rowan contains many vitamins from the P, B1, B2 groups, pectin, ascorbic acid, and sugars (sorbose, glucose, sucrose, fructose). The beneficial properties of red mountain ash are manifested in a considerable amount of sorbic acid, which belongs to bacteriostatics that infect bacteria, fungi, viruses.

Mountain ash contains beta-carotene, which is responsible for skin elasticity and visual acuity. Lack of the required amount of vitamin A provokes dry skin and seizures. Seizures - the result of a bacterial infection in the corners of the mouth - will disappear if you regularly consume this rowan in its raw form, in fruit drinks.

Useful properties of red rowan. How to save

To keep what is useful in mountain ash, you need to follow the rules.

If you collect red rowan before frost, the berries will be too bitter, but it is this berry that is more suitable for long-term storage.

Rowan, harvested before the main frost, thanks to sorbic acid, can be stored for up to several months without a refrigerator. Longer storage requires freezing the red rowan. In frozen form, red rowan is stored for up to two years.

Berries are consumed raw, make pasta, compotes, jellytaking into account that any heat treatment at 60 degrees will kill vitamin C, and a higher one will kill other vitamins.

You can rub baked apples with mountain ash, getting a useful product with vitamins and microelements.

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