Sowing viola seedlings

Sowing viola seedlings

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Viola - this is biennial plant, characterized by large flowers of various colors with a dark spot. Viola is called differently Pansies. It is very unpretentious, abundantly flowering and winter hardy plant. Viola grows very quickly, begins to bloom in May, until late autumn the plant pleases with its beautiful appearance.

Sowing viola seedlings carried out with the help of seeds. Seeds can be planted in the ground in June or July, and transplanted to the main site in August. In this case, the viola will bloom next spring. Sowing viola seedlings using seeds can be done in February, then bloom will happen this year. For this, the seeds are soaked and a special container with soil is prepared. The seeds are placed on the surface and lightly sprinkled with soil. Then the crops are sprayed and covered with glass... Periodically, the seeds need to be aired. The first shoots appear in two weeks. At the stage of formation of the first two leaves, seedlings need dive... Seedlings can be planted in open ground only after the end of spring frosts... This will be the end of May or June.

The seedlings are planted in the soil at a distance of 10 centimeters. Viola prefers fertile, loose, moist soil. Important for the plant watering, which stimulates flowering. Viola care is weeding and loosening soil. Faded flowers are removed to prolong flowering. For viola, it is advisable to use complex mineral fertilizerswhich also contribute to better flowering.

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