What should be the home care for primrose?

What should be the home care for primrose?

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Primrose care at home relatively uncomplicated. The main thing is to fulfill basic requirements, and then you will enjoy the beauty of this flower constantly.

Considering species of primroses, then there are more than 500 of all kinds. Moreover, their competitive advantage lies in different colors.

Primrose and caring for her

Let's begin with that primrose room prefers well-drained soil. In this case, always watch out for its moisture, since the ground should not be dry. During the flowering period, you can add a little compost to the ground.

If you prefer garden primrose, then it looks great in landscape design (for example, mixed flower beds and alpine slides). Moreover, the plant should be planted in well-lit places where the scorching rays of the sun do not fall, otherwise the flower will quickly die. Be sure to fertilize the soil with organic or mineral fertilizing before planting.

Do not forget that all types of primroses love moderate air humidity. Therefore, occasionally the air around the plant needs to be sprayed. But the water droplets should not fall on the leaves.

If you are already interested in "adult" primrose in a pot, then when buying it, pay attention to the condition of the leaves. They should not have brown or black spots.

Studying primrose diseases, you can distinguish the spotting of the leaves. It is dangerous because the plant can quickly fade. To prevent this, the affected leaves must be removed, and after that, the flower must be transplanted.

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