Chinese wisteria - blue rain on the summer terrace

Chinese wisteria - blue rain on the summer terrace

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Walking in the evening park or sitting in our own garden in a cozy gazebo, we merge with nature, watch birds and plants, breathe in the aroma of fragrant flowers, admire the riot of colors. The gardener will help to create a fabulous corner chinese wisteria (or wisteria) is a beautiful climbing vine from the legume family.

However, if you live in harsh winters, then it will be possible to grow this type of wisteria. She is completely not frost resistant and already at -15 can be badly damaged. Temperatures below -20 are most often destructive for this plant. In this case, you can plan a beautiful greenhouse, a worthy decoration of which will be wisteria. Or patiently shelter your beauty for the winter.

Chinese wisteria reproduces mainly cuttings, layering, winter grafting... It is also possible growing from seed, but then the vine may not bloom at all or the inflorescences will not be quite what they expected.

What does Chinese wisteria like?

  • Good lighting
  • Top dressing
  • Regular watering on dry, warm days

Also, shoots will be needed all the time. tie up and prune. It is desirable that the place for growing wisteria be well protected from the wind... It blooms in May-June, abundantly enough. The second bloom is possible in August-September, but more modest. Wisteria beans are poisonous.

Even in the absence of flowers, this vine attracts the eye with its beautiful lush foliage... It looks great on the walls of private houses, balconies and gazebos. By properly pruning wisteria, you can form a pretty standard tree, which is convenient to grow in a pot and hide in the house for the winter.

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