How to grow levkoy from seeds to carry out

How to grow levkoy from seeds to carry out

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how growing levkoy from seeds carry out? Flower beds are very easy to decorate. It is enough to land with a levkoy - a kind of summer will do.

Levkoy and flower care

They are different - both simple and terry. For comparison, let's clarify:

  • Common blooms for several days;
  • Terry - several weeks.

Their flowering time is from June to late autumn. How to look after a guest from the past? This flower has been cultivated since time immemorial in the most elite gardens. Leaving is easy. Remember that they need soft ground. It will be necessary to loosen it. Of course - weeds are unacceptable.

How do I get a flower? You need to know some secrets of care.

The nuance is that a double flower will never give seeds. They are produced by simple flowers. In the first decade of April, seeds are sown. They must be planted in a greenhouse. The soil should be rich in humus. The place of subsequent disembarkation should be sunny. Although these plants are considered cold hardy. Do not overmoisten the soil or allow it to dry out. Also, Levkoya does not tolerate fertilizer in the form of manure. To look at ripe seeds, you need to wait for autumn.

Levkoi are grown not only to decorate flower beds. They are used to create bouquets. This requires high inflorescences. We cited the summer one as an example, as it has a very decorative look. Choose a variety carefully. You may come across such a variety that can hardly be called decorative. After all, the cultivation of levka from seeds is carried out from 600 varieties or more.

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