Lovage plant

Lovage plant

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Lovage plant belongs to the family umbrella... it perennial herbaceous plant. The lovage plant blooms in the second year with light yellow small flowers in the form of complex umbrellas.

The plant propagates by sowing seed or dividing the bushes fall or spring. Lovage seeds ripen in July and August.

Lovage is winter hardy plant, unpretentious, not very demanding on care, heat, sunlight and soil. Lovage grows well in shade, especially if the lower part of the plant is in the shade. Lovage can grow in a variety of soils. Although it develops better on moderately moist, breathable and nutritious. For growing good roots you need to remove the peduncles in time. Thinning of plants promotes development greenery.

For food apply seeds, root and aerial part... Greens are used as a spicy seasoning for salting vegetables and in cooking. The taste and smell of the leaves is reminiscent of celery. Leaves harvested in the first year. Roots harvested in the second or even third year. They are dried and ground into powder.

Lovage is also medicinal plant... He possesses anti-inflammatory, diuretic, expectorant action. Lovage is used as sedative means, it accelerates wound healing, eliminates age spots, cleanses the skin and strengthens hair.

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