Potato variety Elizabeth

Among vegetable crops, potatoes occupy a leading place. In Russia, he is even considered second bread.

To date, breeders have bred quite a lot of different varieties of potatoes, differing in ripening terms, taste, growing conditions, resistance to various viruses and diseases, keeping quality and other characteristics. Moreover, each variety has its own value.

Potato variety Elizabeth is especially popular among mid-early varieties of table appointments. The potatoes were bred by breeders of the North-West Research Institute of Agriculture, together with colleagues from the Vsevolozhsk breeding station, specifically for the Central, North Caucasian, North-West, North, Volga-Vyatka and Far Eastern regions.

An upright potato bush grows medium in size with medium-branched green stems. Potato bloom is rather weak and short-lived. Flowers often fall off quickly.

Potato tubers this variety has a rounded shape and a white smooth peel with inconspicuous small eyes. The weight of one potato can be in the range of 80-140g. Potato variety Elizabeth is distinguished by its tender white pulpthat does not darken on contact with air. Also, Elizabeth has good taste.

One of the values ​​of this variety is its high yield... Up to 40 tons of potatoes can be harvested from one hectare. Also, potato tubers are well stored, which increases the value of the variety.

Potato variety Elizabeth is characterized by a high cancer resistance... At the same time, there is an average susceptibility to fusarium rot and late blight. The disadvantage of this variety is its susceptibility to macrosporiosis.

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