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Winter Gardens

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Those who believe that the garden is a feasible space only outside can be mistaken because it is possible to have a pleasant garden inside the house during the winter. Many consider the winter garden a closed space, where citrus fruits are cultivated, but this is not the only cultivation since it is possible to enrich it also with other plants. It is basically a space that is entirely dedicated to the construction of the winter garden, and it can already be present in the house or it can be built at a later time. If you decide to subsequently build a winter garden, the structure assumes the size based on the space available. Even those with a rather small space can create a pleasant winter garden, which will serve to recreate an interesting natural space within their own home.


The covering structure of the space is generally made of crystal so that the species present in it are visible from the outside, as well as obviously letting the rays of the sun filter through which are indispensable for the growth of the plants themselves. The structure could be made of both iron and aluminum, and may even have irregular shapes. Among other things, the structure is always completely openable: it means that in an instant it turns into an open space because the windows can be completely opened and overlapped between them. In this way, those who do not have the possibility of having a rather large garden can take advantage of the winter garden both during the winter and during the summer.

How to treat plants

Obviously some species included in the winter garden need to live at a certain temperature. It will then be necessary to equip the space with a heating system that will keep the temperature constant. In this way obviously the plants do not undergo any thermal shock because they are protected inside this closed garden. The plant also needs to be watered and pruned if necessary, so the care and maintenance of plants and flowers is constant throughout the year. Often, inside the winter garden area there is also a relaxation area with sofas and cushions, where you can meet up with friends surrounded by nature. Obviously, the winter garden can only be furnished with certain species of plants, many of which must also have excellent resistance and adapt to a closed environment. It's like creating a sort of greenhouse but much more elegant and perfectly exploitable by the landlord. Plants can be present both inside planters and directly in the ground, although usually the latter option tends to be avoided because water could cause problems with the flooring.

How to choose the right plants

Those who love being surrounded by greenery certainly cannot do without the winter garden. When you contact a specialist in the field, this will be able to recommend the species that could survive longer, based on the exposure of the room in which you want to obtain or the outer space that you want to cover. The cost of a structure for the construction of a winter garden varies according to the size and the material chosen.

Origins and costs

The cost is rather sustained when we focus on particular materials such as wrought iron. Historically, all the villas had attached a winter garden in which citrus fruits were mainly cultivated. This is why the habit of thinking and associating the presence of lemons and oranges with the winter garden has remained. Today, the winter garden has become a rather sought after place, which requires, like a garden, an important design phase during which the most suitable plants will be chosen even according to the space that can be dedicated to it.

Winter Gardens: Alternative to the garden

Those who do not have the opportunity to live in the countryside and therefore enjoy unspoiled nature, can always choose a winter garden that has its charm and beauty. In winter, when the temperatures are so low as not to allow the species to show themselves in their beauty, the winter garden still allows you to admire the beauty of the plants and flowers. Among other things, this space is often used also by those who have a garden and exploits it to store the too delicate species that in winter could not survive outdoors. A space certainly very decorative of the same house that allows you to furnish and complete this area that in winter is annexed inside and in summer it fits perfectly into the open garden. A sort of chic greenhouse that guarantees a better survival of the plants, which are often placed inside vases with wheels, so that they can be easily moved from the outside to the winter garden.